VI Job How can I import a job with forced return?

I am importing new item descriptions and it includes a character return (alt enter). If I enter it in the file, it causes the entry to error out when imported. Is there another way I can import it or will we have to go in and manually enter the hard return?


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    First, in the .xls do a 'Find/Replace' of carriage returns with a pipe, i.e. for the 'find' value do Ctrl-J (which should give a blinking period) and replace with | (pipe).  Then in your import on the item desc field, use a Calc with something like this: SUB(Temp001$,"|",$0d$).  This basically takes the item desc in the VI temp field and replaces all pipes with a carriage return.

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    Beware of using the pipe "|" character like that.  It can really mess up the VI job.  Here are my notes on the technique.

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