Error 43 Mask Invalid - Sage 100 2021.5

Fresh install - just updated. Was previously trialing out everything on 2021.3. Pulled the trigger this weekend and combined the migration with upgrading to 2021.5. Risky! And, there's issues. I got sporadic Error 43 Mask Invalid on a couple workstations and I resigned myself to reinstalling the application those computers but now it's happening on mine... Which is making me wonder if I'll need to reinstall this on all the computers I just setup? I hope not! I renamed the SY_Console and SY_Workstation per, the next step is reinstalling the desktop application but since I'm still in the middle of a few dozen other ancillary projects with this migration, I was hoping someone might have a silver bullet. I still have Sage 100 2018 installed but I wouldn't expect that to be part of the issue? 

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