Office 365 Integration

I am about 30 days in to trying to get the Office 365 Integration to function properly with my Sage 100 Cloud 2022 software.  I have successfully followed all instructions here: .

I was able to set up a user on my local install as instructed here.

Sage linked my Sage account to my Office 365 account and installed the Sage Contact App, Business Center, and Web API app in Azure but when I try to go to I am redirected to without any message or errors.  When I try to open the Sage Contact app in Office 365 I am redirected to a blank page at  

Something is not functioning correctly and since the apps were installed by Sage with a script or some sort of other automation I don't think it is linked anything I have done wrong with the install of a local server issue.  Has anyone experienced something similar?  Is there someone in Sage support who has some real experience with the Office 365 functionality?

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