Gmail Oauth KB 118935

Do anyone know if the issue with emails requiring authentication on every email when using gmail has been resolved. The KB (118935) says that it will be fixed in 2022.3, but when I looked at the documents, I don't see any mention.


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    SUZMWATSON,  I have reached out and confirmed that the updated SY_emailengine.pvc for that fix to that issue noted in the Knowledgebase article "Email is requiring authentication on every email when using OAuth Authentication Method in Company Maintenance E-mail settings"  (formerly  article # 118935 - it now has new solution id) IS included in the 2022.3 product update   As you observed, it was not added to the Release Notes for 2022.3 product update, so I apologize for any confusion. 

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    Thank you for checking for me. I hate to install something that isn't going to resolve a problem and get the client's hopes up.


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