Error in definition of screen item: DMAIN 1321/ Error 65 Windows element does not exist or already exists pr_payrolltaxupdatereport_ui.pvc

I have had this occur with 2 clients in the past week.  Both are on Sage 100 2022.3 with Payroll 2.23.0.  They download & install the latest Tax Table update.  The error occurs when the select to print the Tax Table Update Report.  There is a Sage KB on this (111017), but it's old and the suggested resolution is to install PR 2.20.  I opened case 8009706259 for the client on 7/21/23.  The suggested resolution was to install PR 2.23.1.  I have not done this.  Now, a 2nd client reported the same issue today.  Can Development look into this?

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