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I have a bunch of custom scripts that get triggered Post-Write on different tables, for example, sales order, item, alias, etc.

Only one script would not trigger, and I can't find why. The script should trigger Post-Write on the table IM_ItemWarehouse. I actually need it to trigger whenever the quantities for an item in a warehouse change. For example, if I create a PO to order an item in item maintenance, I can see that I have X of this item on the PO. The same applies to sales orders. However, my script doesn't get executed. There is a trace that should be logged in the trace window, indicating that it is getting executed and nothing is happening.

I linked the script to the table IM_ItemWarehouse in Custom Office.

My only guess is that that table gets written to indirectly, so the script doesn't execute.

Any ideas?

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    I believe that is correct.  I've tried to run scripts on IM_ItemWarehouse when quantities are updated, and have been unsuccessful.  If you try event scripts on reorder point fields (saved in the same table), that seems to work, so I assumed that the method Sage uses (for certain field updates) does not trigger the associated column / table event scripts.

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    Indeed. If I try to change the script to trigger on a certain column, most of the ItemWarehouse table's columns are not included in the list of available options. I guess these other columns are somehow computed.

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