Time Track punch in punch out in 2018 displaying as decimal instead of hours/mins but only sometimes?

See the picture below.   Note the punch out time showing as 16.60.

The employee who noticed it indicates she punched out at 5:00 PM.

If you take the 16 to be 4 PM and add 60 minutes, that would be 5 PM.

Actual calculated elapsed time is correct for 5 PM,  just the time is displayed in an odd manner which caused some confusion.  Supervisor unfortunately correct it to 4:36 PM.

I think this is traceable to the person punching out at just a few seconds short of 5 PM.  All other instances of this noted are similar with the decimal .60.

As far as I can tell the underlying data is OK,  just causing some confusion.

Trying to duplicate the situation to confirm but I only get one try per hour. 

Sage 100 2018 pu 4

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