• If you're using time tacking for job cost purposes only do they still need purchase more employees?

    Client has 50 employees total, they only want to use time tracking for job cost purposes. Payroll is run through a 3rd party. Can they just purchase up to 10 employees payroll? Payroll isn't going to be processed at all in Sage.
  • 2023 W-2

    I have a client running SAGE 100 2023 and Payroll 2.24. They cannot run the employee W-2 forms. I do not know if this is a SAGE or AATRIX issue.
  • Payroll v2020

    I saw this announcement below: Starting January 1, 2024, Sage 100 will only support versions 2021, 2022, and 2023 for our Sage Accountants Network (SAN) members and Partners. This means that if you are currently using Sage 100 version 2020, you will…
  • Payroll Quarter End

    Hello, I'm new to the payroll module in Sage 100. Does anyone have best practice tips for quarter-end closing? Is it mandatory to close the module at quarter-end? Any guidance would be appreciated. -Andi
  • Is Payroll v2.23 required for running Payroll year end?

    It's kind of short notice for trying to get all of our Payroll customers notified and updated. What will happen if they try to run Payroll Year End without installing v2.23?
  • Payroll deduction rate/amount field in Employee Maintenance

    For 401K/Pension deduction type. Why would this field in Employee Maintenance change to 0 after year-end processing for all employees? Is there a setting that needs changing? Payroll 2.22.0 / Sage 100 2021 PU2
  • ICYMI: Sage Publishes Year End FAQ for Sage 100

    In case you missed it ( ICYMI ) - Sage has posted a year-end FAQ that is specific for the year 2021 ( this is not a repost of prior year info ) -- it's worth a read and answers many questions about year-end processing for 2021 Year-End FAQ for Sage…
  • Do you HAVE to update to the latest Sage Payroll version?

    Do you HAVE to update to the latest Sage Payroll version at year-end? We are currently on Sage 2019 Payroll version 2.21.0. Payroll version 2.22 is available to download....do you have to update before running the first payroll of 2022? Another question…
  • SS wages different from W3 to total of 941s in 2020

    Have a client who was informed by the IRS that her SS wages on her W3 differed from her 941s by about 44K. My first thought was COVID, but they only paid about 13K in COVID wages. She has been through the W2s compared to the Quarterly Report YTD for each…
  • Aatrix Viewer error "Error Initialzing"

    2021.2 upgrade from 2017. No one on any workstation NOR the server can run an Aatrix form. (Any form). I have uninstalled, reinstalled, installed for the first time where no one had ever accessed payroll before, manually updated from Aatrix's website…
  • Federal Form 941 - Rev. 6-2021

    WHEN is the current federal form 941 coming from Aatrix? It's so frustrating paying for this service when they are routinely late to the gate with forms. Sage should do better identifying the form selection list for processing - add the quarter for…
  • IRD for 2020?

    I'm on Sage 100c 2018 6.10 & Payroll, so all of the product updates are current. Will there be an IRD for yr-end 2020 & do I need to install with my version? Thank you!
  • PAYROLL 2.21

    Will there be another (used to be) IRD for AATRIX . PR 2.21 document does not mention.
  • Payroll tax update 2021 for local tax Eugene Oregon?

    Will Sage 100 Payroll provide an update to support the new local tax for the City of Eugene, Oregon? This is a local tax for companies on employees who work in Eugene and is based upon a tier level of the hourly wage. We need to know if the tax tables…
  • Processing payroll in future year

    I have a client that will need to process payroll in 2021 before they close 2020. I've tested this in PR and it allows me to post the payroll but the Aatrix W2 for 2021 says there is no data. The 2020 W2 is correct as are the reports that I verified…
  • Sage 100 2020 and Benefit Mall payroll synchronization

    Anyone else successfully have the payroll synchronization work in Sage 100 2020? Keep getting the message that sync failed. There are two articles in the Knowledgebase about troubleshooting this but neither seems to work.
  • Accruing Payroll journal entry question - not using Sage payroll

    I am getting confused over how to accrual payroll. I'd appreciate it if someone can confirm what I"m doing is correct. To clarify: PR ending 6/27 = $100 (actually paid on 7/3) Stub Accrual 2 days 6/29 and 6/30 = $40 (paid on 7/8) I am accruing …
  • Payroll 2.20 Reset Time Off

    Is there a way in Payroll 2.20 to reset time off hours based on Fiscal Year (in this case 7/1-6/30)? The only choices in payroll options is Calendar Year or Anniversary Date.
  • Unable to perform Period End Processing while PR Payroll Data Entry is in progress

    In previous versions of payroll a user could enter payroll for the next quarter even though the current quarter was not closed. They would have to close the quarter before they could update the payroll check register. We have clients that need the ability…
  • Certified Payroll Report via Aatrix

    I have a client that is using the Certified Payroll Reporting in new payroll - 2.20.1. When they get to the report in Aatrix, there is no employee information or Job Information. Also, it looks like you can get to previously filed reports, but there is…
  • Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.1 PR Tax Profile-Unemployment Tax (Reside in WV, Work in MD)

    Since we upgraded our Payroll Module in the 4th qtr of 2019, MD Unemployment tax has not been included in the Employer liability for an employee who lives in WV. The tax profile I set him up with is WV Federal only. He is exempt from MD state tax but…
  • Filling Status In PR 2.20

    Under Federal, when Filling Status is chosen dependent exemptions is enable and dependent amount is locked for married and single but not for HH1, HH2, etc. When HH1 is chosen the dependent amount is enable and dependent exceptions locked. Has anyone…
  • Indiana Unemployment forms Aatrix

    Hi, I just got off a chat with Aatrix support and was told the IN UC-1/UC-5 report (print version) is no longer a good form and should be off the IN Efiling list, but everyone of my clients has this form still listed except for 1 company of 4 at one…
  • Purge timetracker history

    Is there a way to purge time tracker ("timecard") history in Sage 2019? I've just upgraded from version 2016 and failed to purge before conversion. Thanks Bryan
  • ACA Employer Maintenance

    I am updating ACA Employer Maintenance for the 2019 calendar year. After updating fields, will not save, message is "year is required". Anyone else having this issue?