• Generating Employee Paystubs

    Is it possible to general direct deposit paystubs for electronic submission, after you've accidentally printed them out?
  • Direct Deposit Recreation

    I ran my payroll and missed selecting to PDF & Electronically Deliver my DD Stubs. I have already posted the batch. I did create a PDF Batch of the DD Stubs and they are created in the Employee files. Is there anyway to recreate them individually…
  • resend direct deposit pay stubs

    Email to employees disrupted by internet problems, now I need to resend the pay stubs. How can I do this? Thanks! Steve
  • Printing Aatrix W2s to PDF

    I have a client who is processing almost 2,000 W2s this year. I've been able to work my way to the printing functionality. However, I can't seem to get the W2s to print to PDF - I get no prompt for the destination of the PDF file. I have checked with…
  • Direct Deposit – Do not want paper copies but still want them to save to a PDF.

    How do I stop the paper check stubs from printing? I am getting a paper copy for each direct deposit employee and also a PDF file. I just want the PDF file.
  • Direct Deposit Emails

    Hi, We email our employees their Direct Deposit (DD) stubs. Lately some of our employees are not receiving their email with their DD stub. Every week is a different group of employees who did not receive their stub. What may be the cause? Can it be…
  • Printing Work Tickets with Attachments

    We have Sage100c with Manufacturing version 2017. Currently when we print a work ticket that has attachments that need to be printed, we have to open each attachment and print it one by one. Is there a way to print the attachments right along with the…
  • Pay Stub PDF attachment not opening on device.

    Our company emails pay stubs as most of our employees are remote. Some are not able to open the pay stubs from their devices. Once they enter the password to open the PDF attachment it reverts back to the password window and nothing happens.
  • Direct Deposit Stub no longer prints Bank info or Amount into each bank?

    Our Direct Deposit stubs at one time showed the bank name and the amount deposited into that bank on the Direct Deposit Stub. This info is no longer showing. Is there a switch or check box that needs to be turned on? How to get this info reporting…
  • Review already printed direct deposit stubs

    I ran a direct deposit payroll yesterday and I printed the stubs but I usually have to make a copy and I forgot is there anyway to go back and review or view those stubs?
  • Direct Deposit Stubs Don't Print

    We have a client on 2016 standard. They just recently setup paperless to email their stubs. The email piece is working great. The problem is there are a few employees that do not want their stub emailed. They select Print/PDF or Electronically Deliver…
  • Payroll ONLY not exporting to excel.

    Sage 100 2016 PU2, with Sage Payroll Standard, Coupled with Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 on Windows 10. All other modules export ok, but payroll is greyed out. Any ideas?
  • Error 47 in program PRWRLB at line 1220

    Sage 100 2014 v5.10.7.0 We are getting this error intermittently when printing direct deposit stubs. We can sometimes go months without seeing the problem. We use visual integrator to import employee hours from a timeclock system. We use paperless…
  • Getting printer error 30 printer not activated when generating PDF direct deposit stubs.

    We are on Sage 100 2014 update 6 Most stubs generate just fine, it's just one or two (and NOT the same one or two) every pay cycle that throw an error 30 and fail to generate. Approximately 400 stubs are generated each payroll cycle. Sage directed…
  • Print/PDF Direct Deposit stub with zero amount payroll check

    Hi all, This issue involves Sage 100 4.5 and higher. Does anyone know of a way to print/PDF a Direct Deposit stub for an employee who has Direct Deposit enabled, but because their deductions on their current check negate any wages due, end up with…