• Alabama Overtime - new report fields

    I gather we will always have to run a report to get this new information required on the Alabama state reporting? (Amount of OT wages and number of employees receiving OT)
  • Generating Employee Paystubs

    Is it possible to general direct deposit paystubs for electronic submission, after you've accidentally printed them out?
  • How can I print 1099's on 3-part forms

    This year 1099 recipient copies seem to only available to print as 4 part forms. I have the 3 part forms. Previously, I could print the federal copies onto the recipient preprinted copy. Is there a way to print on the 3 part forms, or alternatively, how…
  • Earnings REPORT in Payroll latest update

    Have had 2 clients (and I can confirm) that the Payroll Earnings Report in the latest Payroll update is not automatically changing the printer to Landscape when printing. Works if you manually change the printer each time, but I'm assuming since two people…
  • Iowa changed their W4 for 2024

    I have numerous clients in Iowa I am starting to get questions regarding the new Iowa W4 and where to put these changes in Sage PR. Below is a typical question being fielded. Iowa changed their W4 for 2024 and we have over a 100 to enter but I don’t…
  • What withholding permit number do I use to file? - Iowa Changed their withholding Permit System two years ago

    Per the State of Iowa Web site The Department will accept both the 12-digit permit number and 9-digit permit number when filing withholding returns, W-2s, and 1099s. All permits issued after November 15, 2021 will have a 9-digit number. The Department…
  • Work Comp Reports

    Our work comp policy is 11/1-10/31. Has anyone found a way to create payroll reports spanning 2 calendar years for audit purposes?
  • Payroll Calculation - Vehicle Allowance

    I have recently taken over as Controller for a small General Contracting firm. The previous Controller was using Paychex as a payroll processor but It's just been a nightmare so I have decided to bring payroll back in-house. I'm finding some issues…
  • Certified Payroll Report problem

    Have a client using the standard Sage 100 feature for certified payroll reporting. When trying to open Payroll - Report - Certified Payroll Reporting. Instead of the correct Aatrix screen opening, the following screen opens. The client has to uninstall…
  • Reprint Job Cost invoice

    Is there a way to reprint Job cost invoices using a job cost Invoice form?
  • Report 5-1-2-56. I have an auditor asking for this report.

    Report 5-1-2-56. I have an auditor asking for this report. I didn't even know reports had numbers. I have no idea how to create report sexcept for the ones that come standard. It's a check stub information report.
  • Save company and employee info on Aatrix certified payroll

    When running certified payroll reports using the Aatrix integration, is there a way to save our company name, address, insurance info, employee info, etc. (all the red fields that have to be filled in) so that it doesn't have to be entered in manually…
  • Payroll Tax Update - Prompts, but then there is no data to print.

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted on this subject (What does the Payroll Tax Update” do in the Sage 100 Payroll 2.x product?) , but I wanted to amend my original post with the following. Occasionally, there will be cloud Payroll Service updates…
  • Direct Deposit Recreation

    I ran my payroll and missed selecting to PDF & Electronically Deliver my DD Stubs. I have already posted the batch. I did create a PDF Batch of the DD Stubs and they are created in the Employee files. Is there anyway to recreate them individually…
  • Aatrix errors related to Unemployment

    Receiving errors when filing the Kansas Unemployment that says the tax rate is too low (verified the tax rate is correct) and for OK the taxable unemployment wages cannot be greater than the upper limit. First time I have received either message and…
  • Reprint W2's

    How do I reprint a single W2? Does the system automatically include a watermark/message that the reprint is a reprint?
  • Bad auditfile

    I took my first call on this error - Bad auditfile. Contact support when printing forms in Federal and state tax reporting. It does appear to resolve itself when the Aatrix updated is downloaded. In my customer's case they exited Sage and went back…
  • resend direct deposit pay stubs

    Email to employees disrupted by internet problems, now I need to resend the pay stubs. How can I do this? Thanks! Steve
  • Rehired Employee Missing Check History

    We have an employee who has worked for us several times over the years. When we onboard a rehired employee, we use the same employee number. She has requested some older payroll data (2009-2013). I ran a Check History Report with a check date range from…
  • Job cost revised estimate in a crystal report

    Created a report comparing Revised Estimated Cost to Actual Cost. The "sum" of the Revised Estimated Cost is giving me problems. When I try to "Sum" that field, it totals by the number of times the cost code is used...therefore the "sum" becomes overstated…
  • Report: can you please direct me where i can obtain information

    I am looking to create a report to show all outstanding receivables as of 12/31/2021 and that have been collected in 2022 to date.
  • outstanding receivables

    good morning: what report can i run for all outstanding receivables as of 12/31/2021 that have been collected in 2022 -to-date?
  • Printing Aatrix W2s to PDF

    I have a client who is processing almost 2,000 W2s this year. I've been able to work my way to the printing functionality. However, I can't seem to get the W2s to print to PDF - I get no prompt for the destination of the PDF file. I have checked with…
  • Accounts Payable: Vendor Maintenance- 1099 Default Box No. is blank and missing numbered dropdown!

    In Accounts Payable Module, in Vendor Maintenance under the Addtional tab, under 1099 Form, the Default Box No. Selection dropdown is blank. It will not let me select which box on the 1099 i want the 2021 total to appear. Please assist!
  • Direct Deposit – Do not want paper copies but still want them to save to a PDF.

    How do I stop the paper check stubs from printing? I am getting a paper copy for each direct deposit employee and also a PDF file. I just want the PDF file.