• If you're using time tacking for job cost purposes only do they still need purchase more employees?

    Client has 50 employees total, they only want to use time tracking for job cost purposes. Payroll is run through a 3rd party. Can they just purchase up to 10 employees payroll? Payroll isn't going to be processed at all in Sage.
  • UDF in Time Track that can get to Job Cost billing

    I needed a comment in Time Track Entry for work performed. I added a UDF and was able to post that through to the Job Transaction file in Job Cost. How can I get this to pull into Job Cost billing so it can print on the invoice? I can't find any way to…
  • Job Status Maintenance

    How do I prevent time track entries to a job with a closed status?
  • Daily Labor Register Unable to Update (MAS200 version 4.40)

    We are trying to update the Daily Labor Register /Update showing below: but are getting the below error. The problem is a missing employee number (really have no idea how the employee number is missing, but it is, possibly some sort of system glitch…
  • Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll

    Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll?
  • Time Track not selecting for Job Cost

    Client on 2019 and only wants to integrate between TT and JC. I have integration to PR turned off for TT. TT has 906 records, all of which have an N for the JC and PR updated flags. Yet when I run the Selection in JC, nothing is selected, with ALL criteria…
  • Time Track Report Combining Current and History

    We have a client that needs to run a Time Track Report by job number that includes time track entries for a month were some have not been updated along with some that have been moved to the history file. Has anyone come up with a way to combine the two…
  • Missing in Action (MIA) - Time Track Utility "Global Posting Flag Change"

    This utility is available in SAGE 100 v2017 Time Card module. I cannot find it in the SAGE 100 v2019, PR2.2.1 version that uses Time Track. Has anyone found where it is located? My client needs this utility in SAGE 100 v2019, PR 2.21.
  • How to purge Time track transactions that have not been transferred to payroll?

    Currently I am moving my client to Sage 100 2019 Payroll 2.21 and will be integrating their payroll with another software through time track. I am currently using a test company for all of this. I need to clear all transactions in Time track. Some date…
  • need to purge old data

    Is there a way to purge old data in time tracking. Client upgraded to 2.2 and now all of the data history for past 7 years is showing when they go to make an entry.
  • Time Track History Report

    We have a client on Sage 100 Advanced v2019 PU3 and Payroll 2.20.2. It is taking around 12-15 minutes to generate a Time Track report for one person if she checks the History checkbox. Has anyone figured out how to resolve this delay? Thanks, Suzanne…
  • Do I need to include Time Card Module when purchasing new version sage 100 2020 if they are buying Complete bundle plus Job Cost? They want to use Time Track.

    On the new version of Sage 100 2020 with Payroll, They are purchasing Job cost too. We will be enabling Time Track. Do I need to also purchase Time Card?
  • Certified Payroll Report - Time Track and Payroll

    We have a client that is converting from Sage 2017 to Sage 2020. They do not own the Time Card module, but did have a Union Automation enhancement from Kissinger. They will still use that enhancement in the new version. DO they have to purchase and set…
  • Time track shift maintenance not calculating overtime correctly.

    I have a shift set up for our Regular day to day and it is set to calculate overtime at anything over 40 hours for the week. During a holiday week we pay overtime on anything over 8 hours a day, so I set up a separate shift in shift maintenance and have…
  • Time track report in Sage 2019

    Is there a way to print a time track report in Sage 2019 for time that has already been updated to payroll & job cost?
  • Standard Time Track Report taking forever to print

    My client is having angst when wanting to print the Standard Sage 100 (2018) Time Track Report - even one person for one month takes over 5 minutes to get to the point of printing. Our custom reports for Time Track are super fast in comparison. Any…
  • Purge timetracker history

    Is there a way to purge time tracker ("timecard") history in Sage 2019? I've just upgraded from version 2016 and failed to purge before conversion. Thanks Bryan
  • Hours Summary

    Recently upgraded from the legacy framework time clock module to the business framework module time track. Previously on the punch in/out screen there was a smaller window which summarized that particular employees hours for the week. That functionality…
  • Direct Deposit processing for clients

    I have a client that is a CPA firm that does payroll for multiple clients. They are having issues setting up the Sage 100 Direct Deposit service. Has anyone else in a similar situation used Sage 100 Direct Deposit service and had luck with them? Any suggestions…
  • Time Track - General information.

    I have watched the training session for Time Track but still can't tell if it will do exactly what we need it to do. We are currently using Lotus Symphony to track time cards by job #. The time cards are entered by hand and we can then pull our costs…
  • Time Track

    Where can I find information on Time Track? I have a client who's currently using a third party time tracking system and may benefit from this.
  • Unable to renumber employee when using time track module in 2018

    Client is getting the message "You cannot renumber an employee record if the employee has existing TimeTrack entry records." While I understand why the message appears there is a bit of a practical problem here. If the payroll period ends on Friday…
  • Mobile app for Time Track

    I am looking for a mobile app to use with Sage 100 2018 Payroll / Time Track. User needs to be able to punch in/out and specify a Job Cost job to post time to.
  • Time Track punch in punch out in 2018 displaying as decimal instead of hours/mins but only sometimes?

    See the picture below. Note the punch out time showing as 16.60. The employee who noticed it indicates she punched out at 5:00 PM. If you take the 16 to be 4 PM and add 60 minutes, that would be 5 PM. Actual calculated elapsed time is correct for…
  • 2018 Time Track hours recap no longer present?

    Recently had two clients using Time Track (Time Card) go online live. Getting complaints that the hours recap is no longer showing when doing Time Entry or during punch in/out. Very useful feature for people to try and determine if they have made a…