• Custom Columns

    In payroll records it gives you the option to select columns to show but can you you not save them that way? Will it not let you customize the columns the way you want them?
  • PR v2.22.3 - Personal Exemptions in Employee Maintenance

    Iowa client is asking about personal STATE exemptions. The IA W4 certificate allows a personal exemption option. In the IA set up, pers exemptions are greyed out. The HELP text mentions that this field is available only if the tax group allows personal…
  • Do you need a time clock to use Sage 100 TimeCard module?

    We want to start using the TimeCard module in Sage 100 2016. Not all our employees (about half) use a time clock. Can their time card data (job costed) be entered manually, or do all employees have to use a time clock?