• Is Payroll v2.23 required for running Payroll year end?

    It's kind of short notice for trying to get all of our Payroll customers notified and updated. What will happen if they try to run Payroll Year End without installing v2.23?
  • IRD for 2020?

    I'm on Sage 100c 2018 6.10 & Payroll, so all of the product updates are current. Will there be an IRD for yr-end 2020 & do I need to install with my version? Thank you!
  • Processing payroll in future year

    I have a client that will need to process payroll in 2021 before they close 2020. I've tested this in PR and it allows me to post the payroll but the Aatrix W2 for 2021 says there is no data. The 2020 W2 is correct as are the reports that I verified…
  • Indiana Unemployment forms Aatrix

    Hi, I just got off a chat with Aatrix support and was told the IN UC-1/UC-5 report (print version) is no longer a good form and should be off the IN Efiling list, but everyone of my clients has this form still listed except for 1 company of 4 at one…
  • Time for installing year end updates for payroll is fast approaching

    Last year we had to have minimum levels of product updates (PU's) installed before installing product updates. Is there anything out there yet that confirms what pu levels must be installed before installing the year end payroll updates? Would love…
  • Form 1095-C

    Will form 1095-C be available for printing through Aatrix eFile for 2015 P/R year-end?
  • RE: Indiana Withholding and county rate changes

    Hi Dawn, The Indiana withholding rate change was included in the 2015Q1 TTU (Tax Table Update). The TTU can be downloaded from Sage Support site at https://support.sa.sage.com after logging in, in the search field type KB ID 54586 and select link to…