Drop Ship PO's in Purchases Clearing

I thought when a PO has a "Drop Ship" order type the qty received is ignored in SAGE, therefore shouldn't show in the purchases clearing report?  I am showing the qty invoiced but 0 received for this PO and I checked the PO and it has Drop Ship selected.  I deleted the PO in a test company but it still shows on the clearing report, do i really have to do a ROG and then do a physical count to get the inventory numbers back right to fix this?

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    Purchases Clearing is a "now" report.  A highly requested feature was to be able to run the PC report "as of" a date in the past (i.e. the previous period end)... for reconciliation purposes. 

    Since the From History report is new, it might not be 100% perfect.  If you find a data pattern that shows on the new "history" report incorrectly, report it to Sage for potential correction.

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