• refund check

    I have received a refund check from one of our vendors. They applied it to several invoices. How do I get it deposited & applied to these invoices?
  • Item Valuation Change Maintenance

    Hello, I am trying to change the valuation for certain items within Sage however, I am unable to access it as I am receiving an error stating "You cannot proceed with unposted data in Delete and Change Items". So when I go to Delete and Change Items…
  • Accounts Payable Check Printing

    We had 2 checks stick together during check printing. I did not notice we were off by a check number until I had printed and posted the batch. about 40 of our 78 checks printed are off by 1 number. How do I fix this? Do I have to void them all and reprint…
  • Edit SO when in Invoice Batch

    Hello, Is there any way to get around this... trying to edit a SO that is in an Invoice batch.
  • Auto Generated PO

    Hello, When a PO is auto generated is there any identification on PO thats lets us know it was auto generated?? Thanks..
  • error in making a payment to the credit card

    Payment was made to the cc, but not through chargeoff. An Ap bill was created and instead of posting to the cc account on the COA, they posted to Ap. Tried to correct through a journal entry but not getting the correct posting to the cc ledger.
  • Displaying FIFO Cost Tiers during Sales Order entry

    Is there any way to show the FIFO cost tiers of an item during Sales Order entry?
  • Electronic Payment paid twice as much as invoice

    We have a vendor that we entered in our AP data entry. The amount entered into the data entry batch matches that amount of the auto draft from our bank account. When we go into Invoice Payment Selection, the amount is correct and matches back to the AP…
  • AR and collecting money before Order is shipped

    Good Morning, So have a bit of an issue that we're trying to solve and not 100% sure on the best way to go about this. We recently transitioned into Sage Intacct on Dec 1st and everything has been going great, however, our CFO now does not like the…
  • Manual Check Entry

    Does anyone know if you can use one check number and write the check for two different Vendor numbers because they are going to the same address?
  • System cannot find the specified path during invoice validation in sage 100 cloud premium

    System cannot find the specified path during invoice validation in sage 100 cloud premium
  • Vendor Terms Set Not Updating in PO Module

    Hello everyone, I had updated a vendor's terms in Vendor Maintenance. Since updating I have received a handful of invoices in the PO module and it still keeps having it as due upon receipt instead of populating the terms I set it to in the vendor card…
  • Invoice showing 0 qty shipped and no extension dollars.

    Hello we just noticed on a few invoices that when a S/O was invoiced, processed and sent to customer the item shipped qty and extension amt had no data. When customer received invoice the were charged only tax or freight. When going back into S/O the…
  • Invoice Register error

    Hello we have been receiving this error when attempting to print invoices.. a receipt in another receipt register currently being processed is referencing the same P/O as a receipt in this register .. I did some research and checked in the DFDM…
  • Transfer Paid Invoices to Another Vendor

    We have two vendor cards that are for the same vendor, but used for different accounts. When reviewing, we found that some posted transactions had been put under the wrong vendor number. Is there any way to just transfer the invoice (even though it has…
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Selection is locked

    No Idea how I did this one but I am trying to select and invoice for payment but getting AP header locked and then the following and I havent clue were to go to unlock/undo this. I did try to look online and or some sage sections.. Thanks!!!
  • How to set up vendor discount terms

    I have a vendor who terms are 2% 2ND 10th net 2ND 30th. I am trying how to figure out how to enter terms based on the windows that are available for entry of this information.
  • Manual AP check register multiple dates

    I printed a manual check and when I printed the register, it includes a check from a previous date. Is there a way to restrict the register to only show the check from a specific date and then update each separately?

    Does SAGE have a feature that will automatically apply a customers credit towards open invoices? We have a customer that had a fairly large dollar value of credits on his account. We've been waiting to get direction from them on what to do with them and…
  • Error 88 in program so_commonentrydetail_519sc.pvc at line 0039

    We are getting the above error whenever we try to do parts entry in the Work ticket entry module. Tried searching google and here and that error does not come up anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas or have seen this before? Sage 100 2022.
  • How can I tell what user in Sage took a certain payment?

    Is there a way in SAGE 100 to see which user took a credit card payment?
  • Posting Date Guidelines

    Hello! - Wondering if anyone has a simple and easy guide already prepared that could be used as mass communication regarding when and what needs to occur in the same month when reviewing before posting an entry. We have had document dates not matched…
  • Building new inventory number

    Hello Some of our users have been receiving this message lately when they try to build a new inventory number, we know for a fact that it is not been being changed by another user because we are currently building it.
  • Sales Order - Deposit Payment Type

    Hi, For one of our customers, we enter a sales order with the Deposit Payment Type of Pre-paid, but is there a way to see what GL account it is going to? I am trying to track from a previous order, and under the totals Tab that is where it mentions…
  • Help with shipping problem

    I keep getting this error in Shipping Data Entry and I have no idea why: "Shipped quantities have not been entered for this order" The order looks correct with all items being in-stock.