• Purchases Clearing Report Mission

    I am on a mission to shrink our PC report, branching off of this post I made previously, https://communityhub.sage.com/us/sage100/f/unique-business-challenges/211318/drop-ship-po-s-in-purchases-clearing . After speaking with AP they stated some of our…
  • Hiding Invoice line items

    Hello, We have invoices that display unneeded line items which confuses the customer. Is there a way in Crystal or Sage to hide those line items when printing out invoice
  • Automating Print Pick Tickets

    With our issues printing pick tickets mentioned in previous post I've made, I am looking at Sage Alerts & Workflow to see if I can schedule the pick tickets to print through SAW. Does anyone know if there is a DLL or code that initiates the printing of…
  • How to print a batch of Purchase Orders filtered by Date?

    Hello - I'm trying to print all the purchase orders made on a specific date - but the "Purchase Order Printing" module has no filter currently for date. Is that something I can add myself? Or does anyone know of another way I could accomplish this? …
  • Table that stores monthly "beginning qty"

    Hi guys, Would you please lend me your hand in finding the table that stores beginning qty (and also value) for inventory? Basically, i'm trying to replicate the "5.History" tab in Inventory Inquiry. I've looked into IM_PeriodPostingHistory, IM_ItemWhseHistoryByPeriod…
  • Printing Pick Ticket

    I have a new HP printer, it prints everything great. Only exception is i have to press continue key on printer to print pick tickets. I can print pick tickets with no problem on other printers on network. Everything else in sage 100 prints on printer…

    is there a payroll report to use for the annual OSHA 300 report that excludes hours and wages for vacation hoildays and sick days
  • Crystal Reports 2020 Database connection Error

    Have a client that upgraded from Sage 100 2019 to Sage 100c Advanced 2023 PU1. They run several reports outside of Sage using Crystal Reports Writer version 2020. They can run these reports with no issues some of the time, but then later in the afternoon…
  • SO Invoice Printing to Paperless Office Errors

    When our accounting department tries to print two batches of SO Invoices they are not processing correctly. When they do a SO Invoice batch print to pdf it usually emails the customer that are setup to receive the invoices through email, when they try…
  • Sage PDF Converter

    Hello.. we have the sage client running on a windows 2022 terminal server so all our remote offices and users can access Sage. Some of these users are receiving a printer not activated -30 error. When I look at the printer queue there are 2600+ jobs sitting…
  • Sales Order User tracking

    Hello, Our Ops Mgr. Is looking for a report or log that shows users activity with sales order? Like a audit trail, trying to eliminate S/O errors and trying to determine who is making them. Thank you!!
  • Attach file to invoice email

    Morning... we run invoices every morning and a good majority of them get automatically emailed to the customer via paperless office. If we have a file we need to get to our customers is it possible to somehow attach this file to that invoice email as…
  • Purchase Order - Item was "Over Invoiced"

    Hello, For one PO we received two different invoices since products were shipped separately. For a line that was for the sales tax, it was used twice when receiving the two invoices instead of a second line being created for the second invoice's sales…
  • I did not print my period end reports and finished period end processing. Can I print these reports after?

    I made the mistake of not printing any of my period end reports in AP Module only. I closed all the periods through period end processing. Is there a way I can print these reports now?
  • An Invoice Was Entered Without Using PO and Isn't Showing as Invoice Received

    I had entered an invoice in AP → Invoice Data Entry instead of using PO → Receipt of Invoice Entry. When I run the Open Purchase Order Report. The PO is now Backordered and it shows as the item being ordered and received, but not invoiced. The invoice…
  • CC and ACH Settlement Report - Crystal

    Hello.. This is more a Crystal question than Sage but I thought what the heck maybe someone out there has a quick answer. So I'm trying to add the Invoice # field to the report however when I add Inv# from the AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader table the report…
  • Who Printed a Work Ticket?

    Hi, Any way I can get the user ID / Logon name to print at the bottom of a work ticket? All i am able to find are fields for the user that created or updated the work ticket, but not the user who actively printed it. Thanks, Ryan
  • Customer Statements

    Is there an option to run customer statements for customers with a balance less than a specific amount? (Ie, less than $100.00)
  • Inactivating multiple vendors

    Hi, our old IT person left us a while back and I don't know how she got older vendors inactivated for us. I was under the assumption that there was some sort of utility that could be ran to inactivate any vendors not used in the past 5 years, set their…
  • Paperless office

    I'm trying to setup the A/R aging invoice report to be sent to customers via email. I setup report in report maintenance and electronic delivery maintenance .. however when I go into the customer to select it for emailing the report doesn't show..
  • Sales Order Update

    I am trying to update my daily sales order sales journal and I am getting an error. Error Description Tax structures were found in the following invoices: invoice1 invoice2 invoice3 invoice4 invoice5 What do I do?
  • does sage 100 have the capability of capturing and printing 1099-R information?

    The only options I find in 1099 printing are 1099-DIV, INT, MISC and NEC. Does Sage 100 have the option for 1099-R to capture distributions from pension plans?
  • How is the Beginning Balance in the Trial blanace being calculated?

    I'm trying to build a consilidated trial balance report using an external BI solution (Qlik) by querrying the SQL database of Sage (GL_DetailPosting) Credit and Debit amounts of the current period are wokring perfectly, but i'm not able to figure out…
  • No ShipExpireDate in the SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader table either for these three orders

    Running On Time Delivery queries/reports to get historical data, and found SalesOrderNo's Completed a few years ago that have a ShipDate that is years in the future in AR_InvoiceHisturyHeader. No ShipDate on Sales Order Inquiry Screen either.
  • Inventory

    I am really new to Sage program. I ran a physical count variance report after a physical count was done. However, the Quantity on Hand shows zeros for every item. What did I do wrong> Thank you