• Moving a paid AP invoice to a subcontract

    I paid a couple of AP invoices which were correctly assigned to a job, but were not allocated to a subcontract. How do I assign them to the subcontract without voiding and reentering?
  • refund check

    I have received a refund check from one of our vendors. They applied it to several invoices. How do I get it deposited & applied to these invoices?
  • Inventory Cost Detail out of whack

    Where do I start to fix this ... Show I run the Balance Inventory Qty and Cost...
  • error 200 unknown error encountered

    I was trying to run payroll this evening and I kept getting these errors. I have never encountered these while doing the payroll register.
  • PO in Back Order Status

    Hello I have a PO that product was already received back in 2022 but the line items also have a backorder qty and I can't edit the PO to remove those quantities.. Is there a way to remove the BO qty's and status.
  • Adjusting Inventory

    Hello what is the best way to make an adjustment to inventory without taking hit on the money side... I have an item that shows 2 in stock but there is nothing on hand and hasn't been for years. I need to bring inventory to 0 count but not take a…
  • Item Valuation Change Maintenance

    Hello, I am trying to change the valuation for certain items within Sage however, I am unable to access it as I am receiving an error stating "You cannot proceed with unposted data in Delete and Change Items". So when I go to Delete and Change Items…
  • Accounts Payable Check Printing

    We had 2 checks stick together during check printing. I did not notice we were off by a check number until I had printed and posted the batch. about 40 of our 78 checks printed are off by 1 number. How do I fix this? Do I have to void them all and reprint…
  • Cycle counts

    We ship out products and then invoice at a later time. This may be days or weeks. When doing cycle counts we manually add back in the shpped inventory for our on hand calculations. Is there an easier less cumbersome method to update inventory with our…
  • Edit SO when in Invoice Batch

    Hello, Is there any way to get around this... trying to edit a SO that is in an Invoice batch.
  • Auto Generated PO

    Hello, When a PO is auto generated is there any identification on PO thats lets us know it was auto generated?? Thanks..
  • error in making a payment to the credit card

    Payment was made to the cc, but not through chargeoff. An Ap bill was created and instead of posting to the cc account on the COA, they posted to Ap. Tried to correct through a journal entry but not getting the correct posting to the cc ledger.
  • Changing Effective dates when running a Job.

    When we run a job nightly for IRP do we need to change the effective and cutoff dates every day or does it change automatically somehow?
  • Displaying FIFO Cost Tiers during Sales Order entry

    Is there any way to show the FIFO cost tiers of an item during Sales Order entry?
  • Electronic Payment paid twice as much as invoice

    We have a vendor that we entered in our AP data entry. The amount entered into the data entry batch matches that amount of the auto draft from our bank account. When we go into Invoice Payment Selection, the amount is correct and matches back to the AP…
  • AR and collecting money before Order is shipped

    Good Morning, So have a bit of an issue that we're trying to solve and not 100% sure on the best way to go about this. We recently transitioned into Sage Intacct on Dec 1st and everything has been going great, however, our CFO now does not like the…
  • Manual Check Entry

    Does anyone know if you can use one check number and write the check for two different Vendor numbers because they are going to the same address?
  • Unable to perform Period End Processing while AP Invoice Data Entry is in progress

    When trying to close AP for the month in Sage 100 we are receiving this error "Unable to perform Period End Processing while AP Invoice Data Entry is in progress". However, there is nothing to post. I can see in the tables that there is data that has…
  • Cash receipts

    How do you reverse an incorrect prepayment id cash recepits?
  • System cannot find the specified path during invoice validation in sage 100 cloud premium

    System cannot find the specified path during invoice validation in sage 100 cloud premium
  • Vendor Terms Set Not Updating in PO Module

    Hello everyone, I had updated a vendor's terms in Vendor Maintenance. Since updating I have received a handful of invoices in the PO module and it still keeps having it as due upon receipt instead of populating the terms I set it to in the vendor card…
  • Invoice showing 0 qty shipped and no extension dollars.

    Hello we just noticed on a few invoices that when a S/O was invoiced, processed and sent to customer the item shipped qty and extension amt had no data. When customer received invoice the were charged only tax or freight. When going back into S/O the…
  • Invoice Register error

    Hello we have been receiving this error when attempting to print invoices.. a receipt in another receipt register currently being processed is referencing the same P/O as a receipt in this register .. I did some research and checked in the DFDM…
  • General Leader

    We just upgraded to Sage 100, however, our Asset are wrong along with all of the GL account opening balances, how would you revise the beginning balances?
  • Locking out users when doing Maintenance

    Hello, Is there a way to lock users out of logging back in when doing Mth End or Maintenance, is there a Sage service that can be stopped after users are out of system. I know there is an auto logoff with a timer however I dont want to go in each…