• link equipment to accounts receivable job entry

    I am curious if it is possible to link a piece of equipment to an accounts receivable entry made for a job. We are looking to track equipment and wondering if there is a way to add a subaccount to link a piece of equip to the AR.
  • Favorites older

    Can the contets in the Favorite foder be sorted alphabetically?
  • Manual Cost

    Can i edit Manual cost? and if yes, where can i locate the fields in Task maintenance?
  • Customized Panel Copy

    Hello, I made a change to the ReOrder Maintenance screen for myself when I view it in Sage all looks good. I now want to copy the panel to another user so I copy just the ReOrder Panel it doesn't show the changes in the other user. I then delete that…
  • Editing RMA Originator list

    We have had a number of staffing changes and need to update our RMA Originator listing, however I cannot figure out how to do so.
  • Simple Time Card Entry and Per Diem

    How do people manage per diem when employees are using the simple time card app? We're not seeing where it's an option.
  • Field sizing

    Hello, Is there anyway to edit the field size of an existing field, not UDF. I want to resize the Comment field on PO order entry to be larger than 30 characters is there a way to do this. I used Custom Office then Advanced settings for PO Header…
  • Making SO Lines tab screen to FULL

    When in a SO on the LINES tab a user try's to make the screen FULL and Sage throws out this error so_salesorder.m4l. [4045] error 65 Windows element does not exist or already exist. When the user try's this in another company she doesn't receive the…
  • New 2022 Interface

    Hello.. We just upgraded to 2022 over the weekend and was wondering if anyone knows how to remove or hide the web content tab.. in 2019 there was an option to hide it but not seeing it now.
  • Non-Conforming Product Tracking

    We are looking for a solution to track non-conforming materials in Sage 100. We will need to have a way for our technicians to record the non-conforming issue for product. Are there any users that have a process possibly using the return of goods process…
  • Sales Order Entry Panel: Lines Tab Customization

    Hello, Is it possible to lock the "Back Ordered" column, so users can not manually edit, while still letting the system automatically calculate the field?
  • Limit the number of instances of a certain program

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if we can limit a certain program or task to have only one instance. I'm basically looking to mimic the similar behavior the module Options programs exhibit where if someone is using, say Purchase Order Options, anyone trying…
  • 1099 Vendor Setup

    Hi. I am trying to setup a new 1099 vendor, but when I go to the "Additional" tab that area is grayed out and doesn't let me change anything. What am I doing wrong? I am using Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version
  • How do I delete pricing levels without doing it manually?

    I need to change pricing levels for items and i've been going into item maintenance, pricing, then going into every single price level and deleting it manually. Is there an easier way to change the price level, I have about 1500 items that need price…
  • SO Ship To Code Script

    I created a script in Sales Order entry to fire once the ship to code is selected. The script is firing once the customer is selected instead of when the ship to cod is selected. Does anyone have any ideas as to why the script is firing when I select…
  • AP Vendor Maintenance Invoice only showing Invoices for this year

    Hello I am running MAS 200 Version Today I was notified that in AP Vendor Maintenance Invoice tab as well as Transactions tab we can only see Invoices for this year 2016, for all Vendors, even if they have many more invoices from other years…
  • Price recalculation after changing customer in invoice data entry

    Our client caught one of their employees giving a bigger discount than the customer is allowed by creating the invoice using the CASH customer that has a bigger discount, then they changed the customer number after the invoice was entered and the lines…
  • Print list of ALL permissions

    Objective: Print the entire extended list of all permissions. When I look at the permissions in ERP100 there are multiple lists and drill down lists with check boxes. I would like to know how I can print out that entire extended list and use it as a…