• UDF field not listed

    Hello... I created and updated a second BIN location field I wanted to add to the REORDER Maintenance screen. However during customizing screen when I display all fields and UDF's it doesn't show??
  • script

    Hello, I'm creating a UDF field to duplicate a stock field so I can add the udf to the Open Sales Order Report Selection filter area do I need a script to make the ud field equal the stock field. I believe I read a post here that I did if so does anyone…
  • Company Copy | Customized Fields not copying over

    We are attempting to copy over all of our customized to fields from a test company to a brand new company. Is there an easy way to copy over the customized fields and panels while creating the company?
  • Alternate Item Display in CI_Item_Maintenance

    Looking for a better way to show an item has alternate items tied to it, other than just a UDF checkbox on the main tab in Item Maintenance. Can you display the 1st priority item from the IM_Alternate_Item table on the Main tab under Item Maintenance…
  • Vendor Type

    We use Sage 100 - 2022, is there a way to add a "vendor type" to our Accounts payable vendors? We would like to designate what type of vendor, for reporting purposes. I've searched and found instructions for older versions, but not for 2022. Thank you…
  • Extended Item description

    I have entered an extended item description for a new item. We have all the options on sales orders to print these out, we print the descriptions daily, but this new item will not print the extended description. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Can you add a field to the Sales Order Entry screen in Sage 100C?

    We would like to add a field for Total Last Cost on the Sales Order Entry screen. Can this be done?
  • Item code and PO # field length

    So I was asked to increase the size of the item code and PO# fields. I know from previous question you can't change the standard out of the box fields you would need to create a UDF. However, I don't see how you can swap those standard fields for the…
  • sage 100 customer maintenance distributor

    in Sage 100 customer maintenance how can we designate customers as distributors? we need this information for tax, insurance, reporting purposes. we can't rely on resale certificates due to the nature of our products.
  • Customize Office

    Can you only add UDF fields to a panel... I wanted to add an existing field to a PO panel but don't see how to do this.
  • Required Field through Drop Down UDT

    Trying to brainstorm possible options for this specific problem we have. In our business we have file names for embroidered logos (roughly 50k files maybe more), right now users have free range on if they type a file name in the description field of a…
  • B-2-C Portal

    Has anyone ever done a customization that gives the customer, of the Business, a portal to see where their order is in the production process? Basically a link that our customer could click and see if the order was in production, picking, shipping? I…
  • separating expenses by unit number

    HI! I don't know if I can do this. We have a lot of unit numbers. When I expense an invoice, is there anyway to assign that expense to a unit? We have about 75 units, but all go to the same g/l. I do not want a new g/l per unit. Any ideas?
  • Picking Sheet Printing Filters

    We are currently exploring the "picking sheet printing" option to process orders, right now we do manually through MS Access, some spreadsheets, and UDF's. As I am learning about how Sage behaves in it's native state, those business processes will be…
  • Sales Tax for Batch Invoices Cont.

    https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage100_erp/f/sage-100-unique-business-challenges-and-general-discussion/186156/sales-tax-for-batched-invoices So this script finally showed its flaw, on the SO Invoice it would only display the first SO entered on the invoice…
  • Scripting Class

    Are there any training classes offered by Sage resellers on scripting?

    I have created a "description" field to hold the description of the unit of measure as the 4 letter unit is often pretty cryptic. I had no problem creating it, but when I go to add the field to the panel (Dmain), I cannot add my UDF. The add field is…
  • UDF Check box not showing on print preview

    We have 9 UDF check boxes on our last tab of the sales order entry screen. When we check one off it will show up on our printed copy of the sales order, for some reason one of them will not show up when checked off by itself. However, if we check off…
  • E-FAIL error

    When adding a particular SO Header UDF to the report I get this error message. "data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status" I have reviewed all the data in the field and there are no unusual characters it's all numbers. the report…
  • Customers on Credit Hold

    How do you prevent a Sales order entry from every being created for a customer on credit hold? I need it flagged before a sales order can ever be created on the accounts on credit hold.
  • can you add a field to the explorer to run a report

    can you add a field to the explorer to run a report
  • Brand New Sage User- Update Inventory N items?

    Hi all! I am a brand new Sage user so please forgive me if this seems to be a very simple question... Is there a way to set-up item numbers but NOT have them affect the perpetual inventory? I need to track purchases of consumable goods but do not…
  • Sage 100 GL Account pre assign change

    In the AR invoice date entry, when there is sales tax freight non taxable tables. I need to change GL that is assign to one of this lines. Do you know how to change that. Thank you, appreciate your help. Thank you.
  • E-mail address from SO Invoice to SO_LastPurchaseHistory file

    I need to copy e-mail address fromSO Invoice during posting phase to SO_LastPurchaseHistory file. I tried my usual method of creating UDF and linking with business objects with no luck in this particular instance. Do I need a script to do this? any suggestions…