• Runtime error! on server while running Form 1099 Printing

    When launching Form 1099 Printing from workstation, it hangs at 'Creating Work files' but on the server there is an error message 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! pvxwin32.exe abnormal program termination. vers 2022.2 - installed ird…
  • 1099 Running Issue

    I'm trying to run the 1099's for 2023 and when I go to run them after selecting new and putting in all the rest of the information I'm getting an Error #15 Operating System Command Failed, can anyone help? I've tried reinstalling Sage and the Forms onto…
  • W-2s and 1099s for 2022

    What versions of Sage 100 and Payroll will customers need in order to process W-2s and 1099s for 2022?
  • Box 5 not populating in 1099-NEC

    Hello! I am doing a test run of my 1099-NECs for calendar year 2021 and for some reason Box 5 is not populating when I review the grid. Everything else looks okay. I've never had this problem before so I am confused why it is not pulling off the vendor…
  • SAGE 2014 1099

    Can we purchase1099 forms and produce 1099's from Sage 2014?
  • Oregon WR form missing Statewide Transit Tax 2020

    I have a client that is missing their Oregon Statewide Transit Tax values on their Oregon WR form. The knowledgebase indicates in article 104026 that this is supposed to be updated as of the 4th quarterly update this month which I believe was scheduled…
  • Unable to bypass non-fatal employee error when attempting to process W-2

    I'm receiving the following message when trying to process W-2's and am not able to get past it - the help window indicates it's a non-fatal error that I should be able to continue without correcting. Because of our ownership and deferral situation these…
  • 1099 processing in Sage 100 2015

    I was told that I wouldn't be able to process 1099's through Aatrix, since I am using the 2015 version. Specifically, we are on 1. Is this correct? 2. Any suggestions as to how to process 1099's? 3. We will have three (3) vendors who…
  • PR tax table

    IF I'm reading the info correctly, PR tax tables will be available for v2016 up through the end of next year. Is that correct? Thanks.
  • 1099 Box 14

    Strange occurrence on 1099. I have a client that has amounts correctly showing in Vendor Maintenance in Box 14 - Gross Proceeds to Attorney. However, when it comes into Aatrix it is showing in Box 15a. Has anyone seen this? Is there a fix? Thanks
  • Trouble Printing W2's

    I'm getting the following error when attempting to print W2's from my back up company. Input DB referenced in Audit File does not exist on disk C:\Sage\Sage100StandardERP\MAS90........................... Any ideas?
  • Address changes on W-2's

    I am looking for instructions on processing address changes to the W-2's. My client is using Aatrix so I though it would be in the eFiling and Reporting guide, but I didn't see it. Does anyone have a link to how to process, additional charges, etc? …
  • W-3 won't print!!!

    Our W-3 won't print out on the preprinted form. It prints the entire form in black ink. We've hit reprint, start over, correct and tried selecting "preprinted" as our paper source but it happens every time. Can someone please help?!?!
  • AATRIX grid for 1099 is showing columns for state WAGES and TAXES??

    I have one client showing this issue. I cannot duplicate on my system. It appears we are both updated to the latest version. Looks like something is crossed over between payroll and A/P. Can't go forward to print as it insists we must fix the info…
  • printing CA SDI on the W2

    The W2 form (Aatrix) is not picking up the CA SDI. Do we have to insert a column and manually enter the amounts?
  • When will the Sage 100 Year-End Center be updated for year 2016?

    When will the Sage 100 Year-End Center be updated for year 2016 ? IRD requirements, reporting information, etc.
  • How to add and print a 1099-MISC for a recipient not included in eFiling submission

    A client has processed 1099 eFiling, then found a vendor who had been missed in the run. On the 1099 History File Options page, selecting "Correct Completed 1099s" displays the table of recipients already submitted and does not include the additional…
  • Printing LOCAL W-2's

    I do not have this option available to choose. My screen shows only efile for Local I just want to print them
  • 5-4-1 Payroll Forms Atrix "did not recognize form type: ACA Affordable Care Act" "Vendor code missing from command line"

    When processing forms in PAYROLL [5-4-1, 5-4-2, 5-3-9] Opened 5-4-1 Federal Forms Received Error: "did not recognize form type: ACA Affordable Care Act" Aatrix window loads but NO FORMS ARE VISIBLE FOR SELECTION -ran forms update, forms updated…
  • W2 Processing stops

    Processes ok for a while then Box says Opening DB/AUF. Please wait Then box comes up saying "Could not make a working copy of the DB" SAge 100 2014 Any ideas?
  • ACA Forms

    we have Sage 100 V2015. It looks like there is supposed to be a way to view/print the 1095c forms from efiling & reporting but the option is not available to us. Does anyone know what update needs to be downloaded in order for the options to become available…
  • Blank Field on Line 15 of Form 1095-c

    When printing Forms 1095-C through Aatrix, I am getting the message on a huge number of employees that states "Employee coverage offer code 1A, and 1F-1I require the employee share to be blank". However in Sage if you leave this field blank it auto fills…
  • Policy Origin Code in the new 1095's?

    We are doing a test drive on the new 1095's and it says we need to put in a policy origin code. When we went into ACA Employer Maintenance there is nothing in this field and not a way to put something in this field. Anyone know how to do it?
  • When will Aatrix have 1094-C/1095-C forms available?

    Does anyone know when Aatrix will have the 1094-C/1095-C forms available for printing/filing? They're not there as of today and I'm ready to print these. Thanks Joe
  • Form 1099 eFiling and reporting only shows 2015 Calendar Year

    I just installed the workstation client and 2014 IRD to try out printing and efile 1099 in Sage 100 Advance 2014. I did not have my Vendors setup properly with details in the Additional tab under "1099 Form" section so I proceeded to add the 1099 details…