• IRD for 2023

    Will there be an update required for doing 1099s? I haven't seen any information about a ETA or release date for the IRD this year.
  • 2018 IRDs - It's that time of year

    As usual clients are wondering when this will be available and I'm not succeeding in finding that info. Historically they are out about now, probably no later than this Friday. Anyone have any better info? I know the IRD will be needed for 2017 and…
  • Will 2018 IRD, year-end updates support Sage 100 v2016

    We have not yet upgraded to version 2017 Will there be a 2018 IRD and other year end info available?
  • Will 2018 IRD, year-end updates support Sage 100 v2017?

    My firm is currently on Sage 100 v2017. We've delayed the upgrade to v2018 because of the complexity of upgrading payroll for each company; we have many companies for which we do payroll. What I'd like to know is whether the forthcoming 2018 IRD year…
  • W2's and Tax Tables

    Do clients porcessing W2's later in January need to reinstall 2017 TT before efiling and reinstall 2018TT after?
  • When should the 2016 IRD be installed prior to year-end processing?

    We have completed the last payroll for 2016, and will begin closing out Payroll next week for the month, quarter and then year. Should I install the 2016 IRD before any of these closes take place?
  • Applying product updates

    We are currently on Sage 100 Advanced ERP 2014 Version and I would like update us to the latest product update, which I believe is product update 7. If I am reading our current version correctly then we are on product update 1. Can I update directly…
  • Version question

    We currently have version 4.40 mas90 (I guess mas100 now?). Is it true that Sage no longer supports this version? There are no tax table updates available.
  • RE: Problem downloading Product Updates for Sage 100 ERP 2014

    I apologize for the trouble you are having. I believe the issue may be related to temporary internet files are saved in cache which is using the old Sage 100 ERP download page. Please try the following: When logged into www.partners.sagenorthamerica…
  • RE: Sage 100 IRD is only available for the most recent updates

    The following are the required minimum Sage 100 ERP versions . If you are not at least on one of the minimum versions below, you must install the required Product Update to get to the minimum before installing the 2014 IRD. 2014 PU 3 (…
  • Sage 100 IRD is only available for the most recent updates

    You will not be able to install the IRD unless you are on: 2014 PU3 or better 2013 PU7 or better 4.5 PU 5 or better Check your 3rd party add-ons to be sure they are compatible with those updates!
  • RE: Problem downloading Product Updates for Sage 100 ERP 2014

    Year end related documents and downloads can be found by typing the KB ID 49810 into the search field and click Search button (please see screen shot below) Here are individual KB IDs for the following downloads: 2014 IRD - KB ID 54584 2015Q1…
  • Is it true we can download TTU before W-2 print

    Is it true that we can now download the TTU before printing W-2s and this wont recalculate the the taxes? Is this due to the Aatrix interface? I just had a client call and say they spoke with someone at Sage support and was told they could download…