Where is the Sage Intelligence workstation setup install registry key?

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There was a scenario that the client didn't uninstall Sage Intelligence workstation setup before their old server was already offline with the new server in place. When the client tried to uninstall Sage Intelligence workstation setup, the program was looking for the old server which is already offline with "Cannot connect network server"  error during the uninstall.  

Please make a backup of the registry if you want to try the steps below. We strongly recommend the clients to work with your Sage certified business partners to perform these steps:

1. Uninstall Sage Intelligence workstation setup and delete the below registry key from the workstation for Sage Intelligence workstation setup. The numbers may be different in the key depending the Sage Intelligence version you are running. In the Registry Editor on the workstation, browse to the following folder: 


2. The error message should no longer appear. Run Sage Intelligence workstation setup install and point to the new server. 

Hope these help.