• Application Error in Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.ExportReport.exe causes worker process crash.

    We have identified an intermittent issue with worker process crash, resulting in failure in web screens. The event viewer shows an application error with Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.ExportReport.exe.

    This issue has not been replicated in support as a result a debug process has been created to help identify the issue.  Please see KB 118436 to apply debug.

    Debug will create report trace in online\web folder

  • What is I/C Day End Processing?

    There are two ways for the program to cost inventory in the Costing tab in I/C Options in I/C Setup:

    - Cost Items During Posting 
    - Cost Items During Day End Processing

    The first option above allows the program to update cost during each time you post an inventory transaction and the second option allows you to update costs when you run Day End Processing.  

    Users can perform Day End Processing in Inventory Control, using the…

  • Sage 300 ERP - 50% Training Promo - Feb to Mar 2023

    Spring into learning with Sage University, and save 50%

    Promotion details:

    ·       Save 50% on Sage 300 ERP anytime learning courses

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    New to Sage University?

    Let us guide you through…

  • Want to Know the Activities of Your Users in Sage 300?

    A new User Activity report has been released with 2023 Product Update 1. This user activities report is located under Administrative Reports. The logging will begin when the option Enable User Activity logs is selected in Database Setup in your System Database. The current design does not include user activities when logged into Sage from Web Screens. Here are more details about this new report:


    User activities recorded…

  • Differences between Non-Stock items and Non-Inventory items

    What is a Non-Stock Item?

    Services or specially ordered items which are not normally kept in inventory are considered non-stock items. Kitting items are also non-stock items.

    Note: Non-stock items must use the user-specified costing method (determined by the account set you specify).

    In order to setup non-stock items, uncheck “Stock Item” option in I/C items.

    There is a setting “Allow Receipt of Non-Stock…

  • Good news for PJC Web Screens users with Sage 2023 Product Update 1!

    With Product Update 1 for Sage 2023, users can now setup Account Sets, create Charges transactions, update Retainage and revise estimates in Sage 300 cloud web screens. Users can also post Revise Estimates transaction(s) easier by using a Post Transactions screen in Project and Job Costing.

    New Project and Job Costing web screens. This release includes the following new web screen for Project and Job Costing:

    • Account…
  • How to reverse posted job-related transactions?

    There are two types of job-related transactions. One is done within the Project and Job Costing module ( in PJC transactions folder).  The other one is done outside of PJC module and it’s a job-related transaction.

     Now we are going to talk about these two types of transactions, then, we’ll show you how to reverse them from PJC.

    1. Let’s do a PJC Costs transaction in PJC Transactions folder. Users can use…
  • How to create an import file for Number Changers

    In a previous blog, I discussed about number changers and talked about the different types of changes and which modules have number changers. What can one do if he/she has over 100 or 1000 changes to be entered? The program only allows one change to be entered at a time, so the best option is to import the changes. There are 5 types of formats supported but the most popular 2 formats used are Excel (.xls) and Comma Separated…

  • What are Number Changers?

    As the name states, it is a program for changing numbers. Quite often, one may not thoroughly think over what style of numbers or a specific number to use for many different areas when setting up a database. Later, one may realize that the wrong format or length was selected for a certain number. What can be done? If such a decision was made in Sage 300 for one of the following modules, there may be a number changer program…

  • How Sage 300 Subscription/Entitlement licensing functions.

    In 2017 an initiative was introduced to Sage 300 to move licensing from perpetual to subscription. This process required customer sales records to now have a Sage300c subscription, this license is know as Sage 300 cloud.

    The term Sage 300 cloud is not a hosted nor a cloud enabled Sage 300 product, the term is a Sales and Marketing term that relates to licensing.

    Subscription licensing is activated on the most recent release…

  • How to setup Microsoft Graph for send mail with Office365

    To use Microsoft Graph on Office 365, requires setup in Office 365 to allow Azure permissions for API.

    • Login to office.com as Administrator
    • Open Admin Center

    • In Admin center Select Azure Active Directory

    • Select Azure Active Directory
    • App Registrations
      • Select New registration
      • Enter in Name for example Sage 300 Email

    • At this point the overview will show Application (Client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.


  • What is entitlement.

    In 2017 and initiative was introduced to Sage 300 to move licensing from perpetual to subscription. This process required customer sales records to now have a Sage300c subscription, this license is know as Sage 300 cloud.

    The term Sage 300 cloud is not a hosted or cloud enabled Sage 300 product, the term is a Sales and Marketing term that relates to licensing.

    Subscription licensing from a Sales perspective is activated…

  • Two server setup that separates web server and application requires change in services rights.

    By default Web screen install assigns Local system to Sage.CNA.WindowsService, In a two server setup a custom user account is required.

    Sage.CNA.WindowsService which handles web screen printer functions, requires logon as account to be assigned as a Windows service account. By default Web Screens us Local System account, this account does not have rights to connect to shared data location.

    Windows service account should…

  • How to Add Additional Sample Sage Intelligence Reports

    When Sage Intelligence is installed and activated, there are some pre-installed Sample Reports. 

    These reports are configured against using Sage’s Sample Data (Saminc and Samltd) as a guideline..


    Did you know that there are Additional Sample Reports available?  The answer is, YES there are additional reports. Here is how to find and install them.


    • In Report Manager, from the Tools Menu, select Additional Reports…
  • Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    In this blog, we will cover the best way of installing and activating your Sage 300 licenses.

    A very important tip before getting started is checking your details.

    When issued your license details, they will look like the below screenshot. (All details in this blog are made up for examples sake only.)


    As we can see in the System Manager it clearly states the edition…

  • Is 2022 PU1 required prior to installing 2022 PU2?

    2022 PU1 is not a prerequisite when installing PU2 from an install point of view. PU2 will install successfully without PU1 installed. PUs are normally cumulative, so installing the latest PU for that version of Sage 300 should contain material from all the prior PUs. From an install practice point of view, I would recommend installing PU1 prior to installing PU2, especially for version 2022. Then run regacc.exe manually…

  • What 1099 forms are supported in Sage 300?

    Currently, only the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms are support Sage 300 in both paper and electronic formats.

    These are the current 1099 Codes/Boxes supported:

    Additional support for new Code/Box 11 (Fish purchased for resale) in the 1099 MISC has been added by 2022 PU2, 2021 PU5 and 2020 PU8.

    Filing Dates:

    1099-NEC – Paper or Electronic – Filed on or before January 31.

    1099-MISC –       Paper – Filed by February…

  • Good news for PJC Web Screens users!

    With Product Update 2 for Sage 2022, users can now enter job-related documents in Accounts Payable on all A/P Transactions ( AP Invoice Entry, A/P Payment Entry and A/P Adjustment Entry) in Web Screens.  The 'job-related' button is now available for A/P Transactions in Web Screens. 

    If you want to find out more information about other new features included in this product update, please refer to the Release Note…

  • User passwords can be forced to be more complex now


    This enhancement is added by 2022 Product Update 2 (PU2), but PU1 is required prior to installing PU2, so all the new tables are properly installed. 

    An advanced option is available for passwords. This feature will require Sage 300 users to create stronger and more complex passwords. This function will require users to create a password that is a minimum of 8 characters and with at least one of each of the following…

  • Sage 300c – How to Use Debug Mode to Troubleshoot a Sage Intelligence Report

    • Sage Intelligence Report Manager has an additional tool that can be used to assist in debugging the output of a Sage Intelligence Report. Here are the steps to switch to output mode.
    • Open Sage Intelligence Report Manager.  Highlight the Home menu, then either click “Output Mode” from the Tools Menu, or right-click on the Home menu and select “Switch Output Mode”.

    • Ensure “Screen (SQL Debug) option…
  • Do you know you can reserve inventory to ensure the required inventory will be available during shipment?

    Sometimes, an order was created but users may not ship the order right away. In the case that we don’t allow “negative inventory”, we need to make there are enough on hand for the order to ship at a later time. In O/E options in O/E Setup, there is an option called “Default Quantity Committed”. This option allows Order Entry automatically copies the number you enter in the Quantity Ordere…

  • Additional COVID-19 related paid sick leave available for California in 2022

    Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom has signed the legislation to extend the COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave through September 30, 2022. This means employees in California can take up to another 80 hours paid sick leave mainly in 2 scenarios.

    More information can be found in the following websites.



  • Sage 300c – Understanding FIFO Costing (FIFO Buckets, Offset Buckets)

    • First-In, First-Out (FIFO) costing method.Under this method of cost calculation, Inventory Control assumes that the first units to arrive at a location are the first units shipped. Consequently, the units on hand in the closing inventory are assumed to be from the most recent purchases, and current revenues are matched to oldest costs.
      • To determine if your is setup as a FIFO item, you can see this in the Item Master…
  • What is CPRS in Sage 300?

    CPRS is system design for reporting payments made to Canadian construction subcontractors to the CRA. A construction business is required to report any payment to a vendor over $500 to the CRA. A business is deemed to be a construction business when more than 50% of a business' income-earning activities are from construction. Any vendor can be setup to track CPRS related payments in Sage 300.

    Refer to the CRA web…

  • Differences between Bills of Material and Kitting items

    What is a Bills of Material item (BOM)?

    • A Bills of Material item is an item that can be assembled or repackaged inventory items to create a supply of "master item" to sell.

     What is a Kitting item?

    • A Kitting item is an item that can be set up as collections of items that are priced and sold as a single item.

     Both a Bill of Material item and a Kitting item can be setup in I/C Items and Price Lists.

    This is an…