Sage 300 2022 - No Supported Databases Are Set Up


Hi everyone,

A customer that uses Sage 300 2022 more than 1 year ago suddenly when users try to enter they get this error message: No Supported Databases Are Set Up.

Not use what happened but since a couple of hours ago they are getting this error and cant enter to work on Sage 300 2022?

Any idea or suggestion?

Thank you

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    I rename that orgs.ism in my pc and i get that error. So then when going to Database Setup I dont see any companies. Sage recreates that file but empty. If I delete and rename the original everything works again. So apparently if cant fix that file. I need to recreate again those through Database Setup right?

    What no make any sense to me is why one user can enter and others no !!! Even we get that file from yesterday from customers snapshot so...

    Any recoomendation to fix that file? or Recreate again Database Setup? Dont need to DBDump before create Databases setup again right? Or yes?

    Thank you