Bank Transactions shows only Transaction inquires after updating sage 300 2023 from PU1 to PU3


After updating from sage 300 2023 PU1 to PU3, under bank transactions the only option displayed is `Transaction Inquiries` I have decided to uninstall and made a new installation problem persist. I decided to take old backup, which was under 2022 version, but after upgrade problem persists.

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    Hi Ramadhan,

    Be careful at this stage - consider contacting a Sage 300 Business partner.

    Have you tried renaming the folders of any third party applications - especially those that integrate with Bank Services to see if that is causing interference with the Bank Services modules and removing the icons?  I have upgraded to Sage 300 2023 PU3 and not experienced any missing icons, options or reports under Bank Services.  Normally missing icons are caused by a corrupt User Authorizations (login as ADMIN to avoid this), a third-party module interfering or corrupt files, missing ROTOs etc possibly due to Antivirus quarantining files incorrectly.  Also did you re-install Sage 300 into the identical path?  It may have been a typo but why restore the version 2022 applications instead of the 2023 versions - you would be better rescuing the SITE and USER folders from the 2022 version (if that's all you have) and perform a clean install of Sage 300 2023 rather than trying to upgrade from old 2022 applications at this stage because your databases are already at 2023 level.  Do not connect an old version of Sage 300 to newer version databases - ever.

    You could try a fresh install:

    Do not proceed with any of the following unless you have backups of the server first and are experienced with modifying system paths and the registry.  Consider engaging a Sage 300 Business Partner for help and advice.

    • Uninstall all Sage 300 components.
    • Remove the Sage 300 runtime path from the SYSTEM PATH under the Advanced Environment Variables.  Before re-installing, typing PATH at the Command Line should show no reference to Sage 300.
    • Remove ACCPAC INTERNATIONAL, INC. and all sub-keys from HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\ in the registry.
    • Perform a clean install of Sage 300 2023, then PU1, rename the new SITE folder in your shared data directory then copy the backup of your PRE PU3 site folder to this location.  Do not copy back your PU3 site folder as its missing important files.
    • Rename the new USER folder in your shared data directory then copy the backup of your PRE PU3 USER folder to this location.
    • Open Database setup and ensure everything is configured to point to your Sage 300 2023 company databases.  If you experience any problems, delete the entries and re-create them starting with the SYSTEM database and make sure to use THE SAME DATABASE ID's.

    Note:  If you do not have a suitable SITE folder or USER folder to restore from Sage 300 2023 PU1, then re-create your database connections in Database Setup using the exact same database ID's as before starting with your system database.  Then login as ADMIN and re-create your user accounts with the exact same usernames as previous.  Recreate your Security Groups and User Authorizations.

    Again this is going to be a big job, and unless you have a lot of experience with Sage 300 administration I would strongly advise contacting a Business Partner for help before the situation becomes any worse.