EFT Payment Notifications to Vendors

Vendors are not receiving EFT payment notifications.  The issue began approximately two weeks ago.  Could this possibly be caused by as missing DLL?

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    Hello LeonW

    Is this a Sage 300 ERP post?

    We don't have an EFT for AP, unless you're running EFT Processing from Orchid Systems?

    Or are you running Sage 300 Construction (CRE)?



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    Yes. We are running EFT Processing from Orchid Systems.

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    I doubt it is an EFT Processing issue, probably a configuration or network one but you could start by the doing the following:

    In EFT Processing setup go to the A/P Email (or A/R Email depending which you are having an issue with), verify that the email configuration is correct and use the "Send Test Email" function. You should probably test with sending to an internal and external email address.

    In some cases, if using Exchange, you must include the PC IP in the Exchange allowed list but this also depends on which email service you are using in EFT processing (SMTP, Microsoft Graph).

    You can also check the details in the database, ELPRINT has a log of all EFT advices that were printed/emailed with a delivery method and status column.

    If EFT processing cannot send a given email, an error/warning is displayed on the screen with a list of which did and did not send to the user.

    Hope this helps.