• box 28 cpp exempt not showing x even though cpp not a tax on employee

    i have a few employees that have chosen to be cpp exempt on account of turning 65 and filing a cpt30 form. the x is missing in box 28 on their t4 for some employees and there for others
  • > 65 CPP

    As I understand it, in Canada, you are exempt from CPP after 65. You can however opt to pay CPP up to 70. Is there a way to have Sage 300 Payroll continue to deduct CPP for employees over 65 without manipulating their birthday?
  • Entering Canadian Payroll History for CPP

    Client started Payroll part way through the year. We have been entering employee history for the first part of the year but have run into a problem. With CPP, some of the employees have reached the maximum deduction on a previous payroll on the other…
  • Sage 300 ERP 2017 Canadian Payroll Import Timecard

    Here is the CSV file I'M trying to import. For some weird reason, it doesn't import the very last detail line of the last Timecard. All the other part is imported perfectly. I have loioked for empty space at the end and tried a bunch of other stuff but…
  • ROE Canadian Payroll

    Hi, Running on sage300v2016 and we are unable to complete ROE, I have this error: Invalid input. Employee XXXX ignored. Sum of insurable earnings> 999999.9 Listed and verified 15c Checked the employee activities Deleted and regenerated the ROE we…
  • The values of "Category" in timecard import sheets

    Hello, I need to know the values I should use for "CATEGORY" in time card import sheets,,,,can someone help pleeeease? BR
  • Canadian Payroll 7.2 with January 31 update. Employer Address is not printing on T4's

    We have noticed that the employer address is not printing on the T4 forms. Is there a fix for this?
  • Trying to print a Record of Employment using Sage 300 7.2 Canadian Payroll but there is no print button on the user form

    Client is using Sage 300 2014 with Cdn Payroll 7.2 with the Jan 2016 tax table. They can fill out the ROE form and print the 15C but there is no button to print the completed ROE. Can they still print ROE's or do they need to do ROE Web? Thanks in…