• SAGE 300 ERP RollOver

    Hello Everyone, I recently created a new year(2024) for a client's company, but the document date and posting date are 2024 instead them being DECEMBER 31, 2023. Now, I am not sure if it's an error or it's okay. My idea is to reverse the entry and repost…
  • Sage 300 Aatrix 1099 Filing Instructions

    Is there any documentation available for the processing of 1099s from Sage 300 using Aatrix? It looks like no documentation was added to the user guides or F1 help for the "1099 Filing" menu option in AP Vendor Reports. Bert
  • Exclude PrePayments From Being Revalued

    Kindly advise how best to exclude AR Customer Prepayments from being revalued during AR Revaluation.
  • Payroll Employee Setup - Pay - G/L Distr. Code

    Payroll Employee Setup - Pay - What's a G/L Distr. Code and where do I manipulate them?
  • How important are historical FX Rates?

    Hello Sage 300 community! Yesterday a financial analyst accidentally deleted 15 years of FX rates (first and last of the month) in the Currency Rate table. We are trying to restore the information, but it seems like it may be a lengthy process. Does anyone…
  • Year End Closing Entry

    New year is already created but now need to close the previous fiscal year to retained earnings. How do I create the closing entry if the new year is already created?
  • Year end closing - retained earnings account missing

    Hello, we are trying to close our year but get a notification that there is no retained earnings account setup. Has anyone encountered this issue? Ty.
  • Set up of revenue recognition on Sage 300

    Kindly assist with solution to setting up revenue recognition using annuity billing where I can recognise revenue in piecemeal
  • Clear History

    Please, how does clear history work. We are having issues with old transaction and we want to delete the old posted transaction.
  • Uploading excel journal entries into sage 300

    I'm new to Sage as well as this forum. can i automate an entry that is both reoccurring and reversing each period? How easy is it to upload excel journal entries into sage300?
  • AP automation solutions

    Hi, does anybody have a recommendation for this? Ty.
  • GL Create New Year claims another user is logged in and won't process

    Client on Sage 300 v2018. Trying to Create New Year and the message pops up about another user or screen being open. Sage does NOT show any other users logged in and the create new year is the only screen open. I had them have all the other workstations…
  • New year creation not showing in fiscal calendar

    Hi, In fiscal calendar New (+) button is not showing, so not able to create new year. It is ADMIN login. What could be the reason for this.
  • revenue recognition

    I am having trouble with revenue recognition. Actually,I have been doing revenue recognition for more than 14 months in this company and have not faced any issues. This month (Nov 16), I closed 15 jobs using Revenue Recognition on Nov 16 and kept…
  • Short years because of acquisition

    I have a new client who has been acquired as of 5/25/21. The result is that the fiscal year the predecessor company had is not the fiscal year the acquiring company wants. They have 12/1/20-11/30/21. They want 12/1/20-5/25/21 and 5/26/21 - 12/31/21…
  • AR statement "no records in specified range" when aged trial balance shows open transactions

    Hello, We have a customer with 4 open invoices in the aged report. When we try to produce a statement to send to them we received the message in the subject line. The aged report is being produced as of today with cutoff date of today. The statement…
  • Batch entry of payments

    We would like to enter a batch of monthly payments each month as a periodic process. For example, if we have rent check, an insurance payment, a recurring software payment same amount, same date every month. We don't want to enter ap invoices, approve…
  • Exporting Check Information from Multiple Bank Accounts at Once for Positive Pay

    We are trying to streamline the Positive Pay process. Is there any way to run a CASH MANAGEMENT Inquiry/Report of all entries (checks) cut across ALL bank accounts with a filter (i.e. date range). Currently we are only able to run the inquiry one…
  • Create New Year not creating closing entry

    Hi, When I run "Create New Year", the closing entries are not being created. All Income Statement accounts have their balances rolling into the new year. I tried the process on a test copy of the database and got the same results. What would be the…

    Hi All. I want to open a new fiscal year in sage 300 ERP 2018, the NEW button in the fiscal calendar of common services is not showing for me to click it...... Someone should kindly help or advice over this... Thanks
  • Aged Payable by Payment method

    We use two different fields on our A/P Vendors to designate CAD or USD. Do they both have to be set that way or can I use one of them for something different? I am looking for a way to run the Aged Payables by Payment Method. Ie: EFT vs. Cheque. I am…
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Sage 300 2018 PU6 / Payroll 7.3A PU 18 / Sage HRMS (Version 10.7043) We've successful ran the Payroll link for one company but for our main company, when we run "Sage HRMS Process" we are getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object…
  • AR statements

    Hi, Customer has run AR Statements with a wrong date: 12/12/ 4201. Now they cannot print statements with the correct date - they get no customer records exist. How can I fix this? Is there a field I can edit? Thanks Marios
  • AR statement - no records to print

    Hi, On Sage 300 2019, AR statements are not printing for some customers. I have checked their last print date. Reprint also not helping. Tick box is there in customer and Zero parameter also including in the report. It seems recently they have enabled…
  • UK VAT: making tax digital

    I use Sage 300 Premium 2018 for a number of countries. The UK tax authority is demanding that we integrate our ledger software into the state's revenue collection systems, to hell with what the taxpayer needs from their business accounting software. …