• Sage Intelligence Sales Report

    Is there a report that shows sales activity for a customer with transaction from both AR and OE. My clients enters most credits in AR since it is easier, but wants to see the overall profitability for the customers. I know the standard sales report pulls…
  • EFT Payment Notifications to Vendors

    Vendors are not receiving EFT payment notifications. The issue began approximately two weeks ago. Could this possibly be caused by as missing DLL?
  • SAGE 300 - GL - Financial Reporter Design Horizontal

    Hi Support We have an FR reporter that is written by segments code in vertical format per outlet. We want to achieve the same format in horizontal format. Is there a way to achieve this. CURRENT FORMAT - Department listed in vertical format …
  • Financial Reporter Account Reference Syntax

    Ok Financial Reporter gurus. I cant figure out the correct syntax for account references with multiple segments. I have a client with an account segment that use 3 segments. I want to select a range of accounts that can filter on the 3rd segment. For…
  • Zero balance accounts showing up in Financial Statements even with Z in column C

    We are currently running Sage 300 2022 pu7. The zero balance accounts previously did not show up, but after the updates (we updated 5, 6, 7 on the same evening) - the zero balance accounts are showing up. I read in the support pages that there was supposed…
  • Sage300 GL Financial Report print to file error

    Sage300 v6.0 using RDP. only one user has problem. FR Preview is normal. When generate report by print destination as file. a blank error message open. the file select screen's capture is adnormal If ok, it will hanged. Any hints?
  • #ofDetail Lines printing Cheques

    when I adjust the MaxDetails formula field in the APCHK01 crystal rpt for printing cheques it does not move the total of the net paid up. I have the section set to print at the bottom of the page. If I click that off the total will print directly below…
  • GL Transaction and AP vendor Transaction report totals do not match

    How can I filter both of reports to match the total. GL Transaction and AP vendor Transaction report totals do not match for same month.
  • A/P Vendor Transactions

    I am having an issue when i run the A/P Vendor Transactions (APVTRN01) report. When the options under show (applied details and fully paid transactions) are selected when the report is generated it returns "Document Description" in the document description…
  • Financial Reporter with Office 365

    What am i missing? I thought I set the macros to be allowed in Excel Description: PrintReport : Error on running InstalledAddinAndXLStart in macro. Source: 14:03:51 - G/L Print Financial Statements
  • How to enter a project expected billings/invoices for cash flow forecast

    Hello, Does anyone know how to enter in Sage expected billings/ invoices for projects ? Goal - cashflow forecast And also where to find a report for this filtered by project. Thank you!
  • Payroll error (print cheque control)

    We have a client that is getting an error message during the print cheques function in Payroll. They are getting an error has occured during print cheques control. The error returned was 1020 errupdateBKtran -20, plus another 3 similar messages for upding…
  • Error when reprint Customer Statement

    Hi all, My customer statement failed to print for the first time, when I want to print for the second time it prompt me to reprint the failed attempt. The I go to reprint but get this error instead No information on the RVSpy and Event Viewer. …
  • T4A Box 144 -Exempt Income

    Has anyone figured out how to get income to show in Box 144 of the T4A in Canadian Payroll?
  • Financial report and Microsoft 365

    Hi all, its 2023, can we generate the Financial report with Microsoft Excel 365 now? I remembered last time, it only works on Office 2010. Thank you
  • Box 61 T4a - Payer Account Number not showing

    Is it a requirement to have Box 61 fill out on the printed form? Right now it is not showing.
  • 1099 no records found

    Client upgraded to v2023, latest updates. Do not have Aatrix Hot Fix installed, will do tomorrow. In Client 1099 inquiry, 1099 vendors and amounts come up and report can be printed with details. Cannot print or process 1099's using Aatrix - or without…
  • box 28 cpp exempt not showing x even though cpp not a tax on employee

    i have a few employees that have chosen to be cpp exempt on account of turning 65 and filing a cpt30 form. the x is missing in box 28 on their t4 for some employees and there for others
  • Payroll - WA State Form 5208 - Mandatory SOC Codes

    As of Q4 2022, Washington is now requiring reporting of SOC Codes for every employee on Form 5208. Is there any way to have this code on an Employee file so that it is pulled into the Aatrix form automatically? While it is possible to manually fill it…
  • Missing Print 1099/1096 Forms in Sage 300 2021

    We just installed the tax updates and product updates for Sage 300 2021 and we are missing the option to Print 1099/1096 Forms under A/P Vendor Reports. I can see 1099 Filing and I have all of the setup options for 1099's selected. What am I missing?
  • Aatrix forms update - error loading configuration (Exit Code: 2)

    I installed PU1 for V2023 to test the new Aatrix 1099 process. When trying to run the forms, I choose automatic update for the forms and receive the below error. I tried to manually update the forms by downloading the executable from Aatirx as well. Nothing…
  • Credit limits overide report

    Is there a report or something to identify what user approved a credit limit overide
  • AR Receipts Reversals

    The AR Customer Transactions Report displays the characters "R" alongside some PAYMENTS transactions and the Legend at the end of the report shows this to be "Reversals". We understand that the reversal process triggers some entries which would invariably…
  • Affordable Care Act

    Does Sage 300 still support the Affordable Care Act? The forms have not changed in years and have not kept up. My clients are asking... Thank you
  • AR and AP aging reports export

    Hello, Is there a way to export these reports to Excel where they don't have to be worked on? In AR, as an example, the customer information is on one row and the detail on the following ones. Thank you.