• T4A Box 144 -Exempt Income

    Has anyone figured out how to get income to show in Box 144 of the T4A in Canadian Payroll?
  • Box 61 T4a - Payer Account Number not showing

    Is it a requirement to have Box 61 fill out on the printed form? Right now it is not showing.
  • 1099 no records found

    Client upgraded to v2023, latest updates. Do not have Aatrix Hot Fix installed, will do tomorrow. In Client 1099 inquiry, 1099 vendors and amounts come up and report can be printed with details. Cannot print or process 1099's using Aatrix - or without…
  • box 28 cpp exempt not showing x even though cpp not a tax on employee

    i have a few employees that have chosen to be cpp exempt on account of turning 65 and filing a cpt30 form. the x is missing in box 28 on their t4 for some employees and there for others
  • Payroll - WA State Form 5208 - Mandatory SOC Codes

    As of Q4 2022, Washington is now requiring reporting of SOC Codes for every employee on Form 5208. Is there any way to have this code on an Employee file so that it is pulled into the Aatrix form automatically? While it is possible to manually fill it…
  • CPRS - T4A instead of T5018

    Have any of you brilliant folks harnessed the existing CPRS / T5018 machinery in A/P to allow a client to track T4A applicable invoices and generate the required T4A forms / xml file? I'm thinking it should be a matter of tweaking both the Crystal file…
  • Box 52-Pension Adjustment not showing on T4

    We cannot get Box 52 to show the employer amount for Pension on the T4 form. I had a similar problem last year, but was able to fix it by adding another "Benefit" and having it go to box 52, but that is not working this year.
  • AP 1099 not working

    Client is using Sage 300 v2021. I've added PU4 and put in the hot fix. When the try to print the 1099's it says no records exist. The 1099 inquiry screen shows lot's of records. Anyone know what i'm missing? Dana
  • The system cannot perform T4 Processing at this time

    I've printed the employee copy of the T4 fine. We are now trying to print the employer copy of the T4 and we are getting the attached error. No one else is in payroll. We don't use T4As. Any ideas? I have logged out of windows completely and back in and…
  • 1099 forms for 2021

    Will there be an update to the 1099 forms since the government forms are now 3 to a page?
  • 2020 Aatrix 941 Form

    Does anyone know when the 2020 941 form will be available? When I select the 2020 form in Aatrix it generates as the 2019 form and says I'm unable to e-file.
  • Where do I access and print 1095 Forms

    Where do I go in payroll to print the 1095's?
  • Clear Tax Tracking in Sage 300 2017

    HI Can anyone tell me how you can use the 'new and improved' Clear Tax Tracking if you have more than one Tax Authority? Our client has NY Tax which needs to be reported for quarter ending June 30th, and then Florida Tax which reports for quarter…
  • Is it okay to go ahead and have clients process their W2s after the installation of the 1/1/2017 US Payroll Tax Update?

    Hi, I have clients asking if they can process their W2s but I did not see anything in the US Payroll Tax Update release notes for 1/1/2017 regarding W2s. Does anyone know if I can give them the go ahead or will there be another Tax Update in January…
  • 1099 printing options v2012

    A customer with around 80 1099s to print is still on v2012. The 1099 format has changed, of course, and they aren't able to print directly from Sage 300. We are in discussion about upgrading but cannot get it scheduled before the 1099 filing date. …
  • Quarterly Wage report

    Some states require that quarterly wage reports include hours worked. The current report in US payroll doesn't include an option for this. Could anyone share how they have gotten around this? US Payroll 7.2 - Sage 300
  • US Payroll Delete a Check

    A bonus check was accidentally printed twice in US payroll. How do I remove the check and have the payroll information be removed for that check.
  • Canadian Payroll ROE Web

    The Canadian government is making changes to how it accepts ROE web submissions. Is Sage CP affected? Here is the notice from the service Canada website: REMINDER - IMPORTANT NOTICE In an effort to standardize the ROE Web file versions, the following…
  • Canadian Payroll 7.2 with January 31 update. Employer Address is not printing on T4's

    We have noticed that the employer address is not printing on the T4 forms. Is there a fix for this?
  • Issues with CAD Payroll after moving to version 7.2

    Hello, As required, we upgraded our payroll system to version CP72A. We are using Sage 300 ERP 2012. My payroll manager came back with the following problems she had in particular to issuing the ROE (record of employment). Has anyone else experienced…
  • 1099 modifications

    Is there a way to modify the 1099 form for print out purposes? The vendor name is 1 line too high and I am wondering if there is a way to modify its placement? Thanks.
  • Trying to print a Record of Employment using Sage 300 7.2 Canadian Payroll but there is no print button on the user form

    Client is using Sage 300 2014 with Cdn Payroll 7.2 with the Jan 2016 tax table. They can fill out the ROE form and print the 15C but there is no button to print the completed ROE. Can they still print ROE's or do they need to do ROE Web? Thanks in…
  • How to manage 1099-DIV within Sage 300 v2012

    What is the best practice for managing this type of 1099 within Sage 300?
  • Has anyone experienced problems with W2"s with 401K deferred?

    We have codes for Roth IRA and deferred 401K etc. Some of our w2's came out correctly with adding the 401K deferred wages to the social security and medicare wages...and some did not. The withholding of medicare and SS taxes was correct. But when the…
  • Payroll T4

    How am I supposed to handle requiring amounts in Box 86 on my T4 slips? Is there no option to do this in Sage ERP Payroll 7.0? How can Sage have a payroll program that is not 100% compliant with Canadian Tax reporting? Using: Sage ERP 300 2012 PU4…