Password ADMIN is incorrect when we update for first Database Setup

We have install Sage 300 2024.0, and we have finish setup database Vault & Store. But when we do database setup, there pop up screen changes pass changed is required. 

When we type in Old Pass & New Pass, field Old Pass shown Password is incorrect, although using default password "admin".

Please advice for this issue! Thank You

  • Is this an upgrade or a brand new install?  If a brand new install normally the first time you open database setup you enter 'admin as the old password.  After connecting the Store and Vault databases I've found the password reverts back to 'admin' and you have to change it again, instead of using the new password.  Also check your Password Policy on your Local Security settings on your SQL server to ensure they match Sage's recommendations under the "Sage 300 User Security" section.  I forgot to attach the Enhanced Security guide - if you follow the process in this guide it should help avoid the admin password issue.

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    Yeah, we must set minimum password age is 0 for first setup.
    Thanks for your reply.

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