• Accounts Receivable apply document journal entries

    When we apply a credit invoice to an invoice, it creates the entry to the ar account and the revenue account and it also creates an in and an out to the ar account again when it posts to the gl. I understand the logic behind this because it is simply…
  • System behaviour- Security Groups

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue. We have put in credit control approval alerts for our clients, and the only way to override it when the limit has been exceeded when performing Order Entry or Shipping, is for the authoriser to…
  • AR receipt for payment less fees

    We have an external credit card system that charges the fees at time of payment. So if customer invoice was for $100 and fees were $5, we get $95 to the bank. In AR Receipt entry, would I enter the receipt amount as $95, and put the $5 on the invoice…
  • To validate whether PO Invoice number has been created or posted in Accounts Payable

    Does the PO Invoice entry check whether the Invoice number has been either created or posted in Accounts Payable?
  • Sage 300 2023: Issue with Expense Account Not Updating in AP Invoices

    We're utilizing Sage 300 2023. After generating and receiving a Purchase Order (PO), along with creating the associated Accounts Payable (AP) invoice and posting it to the General Ledger (GL), we've noticed that the expense account remains unaffected…
  • Webscreen | Unable to post batch locked by another user

    The client utilizes Sage300 version 2024. The clerk initiates the entry, and another level of authorization is required for posting. Users have encountered difficulties in posting batches because they are locked by another user. Even after the user…
  • Sage 300 GL Posting with Withholding Tax and Net Payable Adjustment

    How can we achieve the following task: A supplier invoice of $115, with a withholding tax of $15. The objective is to ensure that when posted to the General Ledger (GL), the $115 reflects in the expense account, while also accounting for the fact that…
  • AR - Disable credit note entry

    Is there a way to disable the credit note entry for users in Sage 300
  • Documenting payments made outside of Sage 300 to vendor information

    I'm not sure if this will make sense, so please bare with me. I made a payment with our bank via ach to pay for a larger invoice. Is there a way to document this invoice in sage 300 and mark it as paid so that it reflects on the vendor profile? We don…

    Good day,i have processed the PO receiprt entry.without capturing the invoice number under the invoice tap,then i have posted it,so now i wanna reverse the po so that i can start from the biginning
  • Error on AP Posting from web

    I just installed SAGE 300 2024 with PU 1 but when I tried to post AP transaction from web side there is an error below but it's run well when I post it on desktop side, please help
  • Sage 300 ver 2023 - Module: Credit/Debit Note Entry - Err: Negative inventory levels are not allowed.

    Recently, we migrated to Sage 300 in its 2023 version. But we found a problem in the module. Credit/Debit Note Entry (PO1500) We received this mesange when introduce de Return Number Field:
  • How fix posting

    Invoices were created in AR and posted in the next period by error. Credit Notes were applied , but posted in the current period. In order to fix it, we've tried to use adjustment for Invoice - error that it is overapplied Adjustment to credit notes…

    Hi everyone, I am recently not able to enter job related AP invoices in Sage 300, but i can enter regular invoices. wondering how i can fix it. Thanks
  • customer pmt

    hello, a pmt which was posted to a customer's acct (batch posted) is not appearing on their AR statement. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? thank you
  • Database error (operation=GET-LE, error=105)

    Dear Gurus, I am using SAGE 300 Premium 2018. I installed and loaded SAMSYS, SAMINC and SAMLTD. I am at the General Ledger Module --> G/L Transactions, trying to browse Journal Entries. Whenever I scroll to the end of the entries, I will get this…
  • Error: Check Code 0 not defined in bank initialization file

    This error comes up when saving a Payment Batch - in a new company on an old version of Sage. No Payment batches can be saved. There is Check Stock for all the banks. Anyone have experience with this error or have any ideas of where else I should look…

    We have just upgraded our client Sage 300 to Version 2022 and we have run update 4. When adding a customer, we are getting the message - Description: Internal error. Customer. Operation not allowed. Has anyone encountered this error? All responses…
  • Fiscal Year Errors

    Hello, We're having a problem on O/E Shipment Entry function and could anyone please determine what could be the cause? Is it related to license expiration? Error message: "Invalid input. Cannot determine the fiscal period for Shipment Date. Enter…
  • Payroll Not Posting - Check status not updating

    Hello, I'm new to payroll processing in Sage 300. I'm having an issue trying to post the payroll for the last pay-cycle of 2023. I print the checks out, but their status is not updating to printing, and when I try to post payroll, it says that I have…
  • Tax class - Tax authority circular error

    Can anyone tell me how to correct this? I can't see what the problem is, but now I can't bill anything in Sage. Description: Tax information for customer XXX is invalid. The corresponding authorities do not match those found in tax group ON. Please…
  • Control of non-stock items

    Hello, We have a repair department where we have lots of non-stock items. Is there a way in Sage300 to be able to keep track of those items? We don't want to consider them as inventory items. Thanks,
  • Vendor pay and deduct

    Hello. One of our vendors wants us to do a pay and deduct from a PO Invoice when items are short shipped. We have been short paying based on the receiving receipt so that our inventory is correct, but that does not work for them. How can we add the information…
  • AP Batch Invoice has been posted, but it didn't push an invoice into the payment. How do I get the invoice to pushed into the payment section?

    AP Batch Invoice has been posted, but it didn't push an invoice into the payment. How do I get the invoice to pushed into the payment section?
  • Sage 300 Order Entry - Disable the 'Do you want to Print' dialog after posting an order

    Is there a way to disable the 'Do you want to print:' dialog box after posting an order?