• Looking for WebAPI Docs

    Good day, I am working for a client trying to get customer data from his sage300 and i am unable to find any web api guide to get started
  • Sage 300 cloud and Malaysia e-invoice

    Is the cloud version supports Malaysia’s e-invoice requirement?
  • How to resolve web api message "Check code not defined in bank initialization file."

    Trying to create a new A/R Customer via the Sage 300 Web API. I'm getting a Status Code 409 "Conflict" with a message of "Check code not defined in bank initialization file." What property on ARCustomer object do I need to set? There's no CheckCode…
  • Stonefield

    hello, I have a report that i created showing the sales of specific products. Order Entry Sales History Items are in between. now, i need to add another filter because i need to see other item numbers. i tried to add and in the connection choose…
  • Looking for 3rd party Price List options

    Anyone know of a 3rd party option that has more advanced I/C price list options than what Sage offers out of the box? Specifically looking for an option for volume discounts over time rather than per order. For example, a customer has been ordering desk…
  • WebAPI - POReceipts cannot attach to existing PO

    Hi, has anyone here using Sage300 WebAPI managed to create a POReceipt that attaches to a PO? I've seen reports of this not working that are some years old, perhaps this has never been fixed? Including PurchaseOrderNumber / PurchaseOrderSequenceKey…
  • StarShip Review and Experience.

    Hello, We are looking into StarShip from V-Tehcnologies for our multi-carrier integration with Sage 300 on prem. We like Starship for its versatility and simplicity atleast in the demo provided. However, based on reviews online, it is a mix of good…
  • Importing Production Quantities in Sage 300.

    Does anyone have any experience importing Production Quantities installed into Sage? We are looking to simplify the process of getting data from our production tracking timekeeping tool back into the Job cost report in Sage.
  • Integration of Office 365 workflow to AP and AR for approvals

    Hello, I have a request from a client asking whether its is possible to Integrate Office 365 workflow to Sage 300 AP and AR for approvals and also attaching manual documents. Any help please
  • KB5033910 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows 10, version 1607 and Windows Server 2016

    Had a client install this update on a Terminal Server running 2016 and it killed Financial Reporter. Excel crashes every time you try and run FR. Office repair didn't work. Seems the only thing working is to uninstall the windows update, but the client…
  • Subscription services and monthly automatic invoices with sage 300

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a third party with sage 300 for a recurring charge and monthly automatic invoices services (Subscription Billing Software) I don't want to use recurring charges or recurring payable, I want automatic invoices to be sent…
  • How to deploy VB.Net using Crystal Report on a PC that has Sage 300 installed?

    ​Hi, I'm having issues installing an in-house application (VB.Net) we are making in Visual Studio 2022 with Crystal Reports SP32 on a pc that has Sage 300 2020 v6.7.0.80. In the setup, we have included the Merge Module (CRRuntime_13_0_32.msm) in the…
  • Data upload and Integration capability

    Hi, Our accpac version is 4.2, I know it is so outdated, but is it has data upload via excel/csv etc and/or integration capabilities? Thanks
  • Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed

    Getting this error when trying to export our vendors object to Excel 2007: Description: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed. I have Access Runtime 2019 (x86) installed along with Office 2019 (x86). Access Runtime provides Access…
  • What are the differences between Sage300 and Sage300 CRE

    We have a working integration with clients who use sage300 CRE, but got a request for integration with sage300 which is a separate product. What are the differences between the two? Also, does anyone know what the technical differences are between…
  • Transaction Limitations

    Just wondering if anyone has any client that is processing about 10 million transactions per year. We have a client that wants to do that, using iMan to integrate with a huge insurance system. Any responses are appreciated. Thanks
  • Sage300 Web API not returning closed orders

    We are writing an integration with Sage300, and for some reason, the `OEOrders` endpoint does not return closed orders (I assume by default, it excludes closed orders). There is no documentation for to include them either anywhere. Does anyone know how…
  • Sage CRM Integration compatibility chart for Sage 300

    Hi, Is there an updated compatibility chart for Sage CRM integration with Sage 300? THank you. Fred Ang
  • How do US merchants handle their ecommerce taxes when creating orders

    Hi all, I have been stuck with a problem for a while and would be happy to pay for someone's time to help me come to grips with the issue. The background: I am developing an integration between Sage 300 and ecommerce sales channels like Shopify…
  • Integration with Boomi

    I want integrate Sage 300 with Boomi with the help of API how can we connect? Can you please help me on this.
  • Error message via API - Property 'ReceiptsAdjustments' on type 'Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.AR.WebApi.Models.ReceiptAndAdjustmentBatch' is not a navigation property. Only navigation properties can be expanded.

    Team, I need your help. I would like to use the following request to receive payment: {{BASE_URL}}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARReceiptAndAdjustmentBatches?$expand=ReceiptsAdjustments($filter=DocumentNumber eq 'PY00000000000000000133') But Sage 300…
  • ACH via Paya in Sage 300

    Does anyone use Paya to accept EFTs from their customers? We are being told ACH payment isn't supported by Paya for Sage 300. We are trying to find a way (other than credit card) for customers to pay online (e-check, ACH, etc).
  • Obtaining a list of payment allocations by payment number using API

    Hi Team, Could you advise on this question. To receive payment or credit memo allocations, Sage 300 API suggests using this API method ARReceiptAndAdjustmentBatches. I tried to use the API method to obtain a list of allocations by payment number. Example…
  • Obtaining invoices PDFs using the API

    Hi Team, Could you advise how to obtain the invoice PDF via API?
  • Obtaining a list of customers using the API

    Hi Team, Could you advise how to obtain a list of Customers via API? Now I use the GET request https://{{HOST}}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARCustomers('customer_name') But if I should receive a few customers, I should a single request for each Customer…