• URGENT (Error: program file problem cannot find program file)

    Hi all, When I login to Sage 300 ERP and click any icon inside, it will prompt the error message as below. May I know how to solve this problem? Many thanks.
  • Support of STARTTLS

    Does Sage 300 support STARTTLS?
  • SAGE 300 2023 - Admin Password

    When we installed SAGE 300 2023 and open Database setup, we got popup window to change the password and should be case sensitive with symbols. we changed it successfully, but now the client want specific password only lower case without symbols, is…
  • How to modify password expiration days sage 300 2023 PU3

    How can I modify number of days before password expiration Sage 300 2023 PU3
  • Sage 300 2023 PU3 Issues Seen-Anyone Else?

    I took the dive in to 2023 PU3 with the new Vault and Store. For the most part, things have been working but we get some random errors, and I am curious if anyone else has seen these issues? First issue that I see randomly is when trying to log in.…
  • Password policies - version 2023 PU3

    In 2023 PU3, Sage password policies are based on Windows group policies. This is creating some problems. Sage 300 is now requiring Sage passwords to change every 6 weeks including the ADMIN password. Can this be changed independent of Windows group policies…
  • sage error

  • Disallow Users to Change Price List

    My client runs Sage 300 Premium and is in the business of selling Juices. Now the client has set up several price lists for different customer groups e.g. Distributors have the most favourable price list and retail shops have the highest prices. When…
  • Password security in Sage 300 2023 PU3

    After some time after installing PU3 the ADMIN user password was expired. The change password option did not work, and I could solve the issue only by changing the system date back, changing the password and bringing system date ahead. Is there a proper…
  • Sage 300 v2023 external web screen error Undefined after entering login

    After upgrading to Sage 300 from v2022.4 to v2023.1, we get an Undefined error after entering the login screen from external web screen. his issue is only with external access outside the network. Internal web screens are fine. I have reviewed KB 77607…
  • Setting up MFA in Sage 300

    Hi guys, I wanted to find out if Sage 300 supports 2 Factor or Multi Factor Authentication? If so, how can it be set up and configured? Are there any recommended third-party tools or services to use with Sage 300 for implementing this security feature…
  • Sage 300 Web screen - Password change no prompt or warning displayed on web screens.

    The user password for our Sage users (Sage 300 web screens 2023 advance security) has expired. On the desktop version, there is a prompt to change your password; however, there is no prompt or warning displayed on web screens. Is there a different way…
  • How to only allow API Request from SSL certified site?

    Hi all, I am exploring the Sage 300 Web API. I am making a POST request from an e-commerce site, to insert AR invoice batches. I notice that the site with 'Connection not secure' can make a request to Sage 300 API as well. How can we restrict these…
  • User restriction.

    Is there away to restrict a user from logging in again with same user name if one session is still open.
  • Sage300WebAPi returns Access Denied

    Just upgraded Sage 300 from 2021 to 2023. Upgraded SageCrm from 2021 to 2022. Webscreens and integration ran fine prior to upgrade. After upgrade, when I try to access the webapi, I get 'Server Error in '/Sage300WebApi' Application - Access is denied…
  • problem with admin configuration for Webscreens

    i have installed webscreens on Sage 300 2022.1 and able to login with webscreens and desktop without issues. However, i am in need of loading some customized UI's from a 3rd party developer but can't login in to the admin configuration ( http://servername…
  • if user locked out while creating entry, will the data autosaved or lost?

    Hi all, My customer wanted to implement a timeout and stricter controls and access for the users of Sage 300 desktop application. i.e. if idle for 15 minutes, the PC will sleep/shutdown/locked out. The question is, will the data be autosaved or just…
  • Sage 300 security propagating to all companies.

    Hello Everyone, We just got done upgrading our Sage 300 2017 installation to Sage 300 2022. Our Sage has 3 different companies running off the same SQL server. I have noticed since the update when I make a change to any Security Group in Company…
  • Sage 300 Retail PO Projections password reset

    Hi, Is there an easy way to reset the PO Projections MASTER password. Its been blank for a long time and suddenly today needs a password. Is there a smart way to reset the password?
  • What is the best way to protect Sage installation against Log4j RCE 0-day actively exploited

    Client has asked us what happens next with the Sage 300 installation and how to protect it against the new Log4J exploitation. Crystal Reports and Sage CRM uses Log4J extensively.
  • How to check user last password change date in Sage 300?

    anyone can advise how I can check when is the last date the user change the password?
  • How to set a user name to a be used and always occupied by 1 user count from the license?

    Hi, Is it possible to set or default the Lanpak user to the named user and make it always occupied or reduce the free seats of concurrent user count to login system? For example, I have 10 concurrent users license, but the actual named-users is about…
  • Idle time out in Sage 300

    Is there a way in which Sage 300 ERP can log out users after a period of inactivity? If there is kindly assist.
  • MFA Implementation in Sage 300

    Anyone knows does Sage 300 can implement the MFA (multifactor authentication) in client-server environment / on web-screen? If it could, how or what is the setup is needed? Thank you.
  • Sage 300 Database Setup Tracking

    Hi All, Is there a way to track which workstation PC is using ADMIN user to login Database Setup? and to modify database's description? Thank you.