• Control of non-stock items

    Hello, We have a repair department where we have lots of non-stock items. Is there a way in Sage300 to be able to keep track of those items? We don't want to consider them as inventory items. Thanks,
  • Sage 300 v2023 web screen login returns UNDEFINED error

    I have installed Sage 300 v2023.1 in a cloud server. Login using localhost/sage300 works fine. However, when I try to login using public domain name, the login screen appears but gives an error "Undefined" upon entering the user ID and password. Any suggestions…
  • Sage 300 Month End Procedures

    Does anyone have a month-end procedure that they follow in Sage 300? Reconciling accounts payable to the balance sheet, etc? I'm looking for something to have everyone follow to ensure that everything is entered correctly.
  • Sage 300 2021 Install Error

    I'm attempting an install for a user and I am experiencing the issue below. I just installed this application for another user following the same exact process and did not encounter this issue. Any help is appreciated. Feature Transfer error Feature:…
  • Support of STARTTLS

    Does Sage 300 support STARTTLS?
  • Using earlier versions of Office for Sage 300 2024 Web Screens

    Hi, In the 2. Installation and Prerequisites from the 'The Sage 300 Financial Reporter for the Web' document. It is stated below that there is extra steps we have to follow to use earlier versions of windows. TK-36675 is mentioned but does anyone able…
  • How to Suppress Tax Warning in O/E Order Entry

    Hello, During order entry if a user adjust the tax group they get the following warning message: is there any way we could disable/turn it off? I tried searching help files and looking through setup option for both Taxes, O/E, A/R and I couldn…
  • Sage 300 supporting software

    Does Sage 300 install any additional software besides its own application? For example, does Sage 300 install any redistributable or runtime packages? We are removing some old "unsupported" redistributable packages for security reasons that we believe…
  • Disallow Users to Change Price List

    My client runs Sage 300 Premium and is in the business of selling Juices. Now the client has set up several price lists for different customer groups e.g. Distributors have the most favourable price list and retail shops have the highest prices. When…
  • Obtaining invoices PDFs using the API

    Hi Team, Could you advise how to obtain the invoice PDF via API?
  • sage 300 license renewal Issue

    What is the benefit of sage 300 license renewal.
  • Sage 300 crashes on company when sql database was restored from production to test

    We restored a backup of one of our companies to test and now when we enter sage login info it just crashes with no error. Other companies work so it has to be the database but it is the same as in production. I change the database setup to go straight…
  • I/C Physical Inventory Quantity report showing some products On hold

    What causes an item to show as 'On hold' in the last column titled Status. We have looked around and can't find what causes that to happen.
  • PR Check Formatting

    I recently got new checks for payroll and they are not the same as our previous layout. How can i change the printing layout in Sage 300 PR?
  • ACCPAK.MAK file not found

    Hi alll, I am trying to compile my module ID but having this error: makefile(19) : fatal error U1052: file 'ACCPAC.MAK' not found - Sage 300 SDK 70A is already installed and activated to few companies (I have ~15 companies, SDK is activated on…
  • Aatrix's Certified Payroll Report won't generate

    After choosing job and employees, the next step is "Generate". Upon clicking that link I get a message that simply says an error has occured and for me to check the viewer. In the log viewer it reads, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object…
  • Web screen display 'undefined' in version 2023.01

    Hi everyone Please advise what is the cause for the following sign-in error in version 2023.01. Receive the below display message after providing the sign-in name and password Please correct the following issue(s): undefined Thanks Jonsen
  • The program did not start on the remote computer(Sage on Remote Desktop Application)

    Hello. Could you please help me? I have a Windows server with Windows Server 2019. And I have installed some hyper v on it. (one for sage last version software / one for hyper v / one for SQL server / one for cal license manager). And all the users…
  • ICSHipment in Postman

    Hi Im getting the below error when i try to post back to the API using postman
  • Sage 300 Payroll Setup (Earnings and Deductions)

    How would I set up a group life insurance policy for which the employer pays 100% of the premiums but get coverage in excess of $50,000? I'm mostly concerned about tracking the tax to the employees. Do I need to set up two different benefits - one that…
  • creating PO invoice using RESTful API

    How do I create a PO invoice via the RESTful API? There are only GET methods when trying to overcome this by creating an invoice using AP/APInvoiceBatches in the body of the request in the field "SourceApplication" I've given the value "PO" this isn…
  • Receiving Multiple Contacts via API

    Hi Team, Could you provide the endpoint to receive multiple contacts via API from Sage 300? I used this documentation https://cdn.na.sage.com/docs/en/customer/300erp/2017/open/Sage300_WebAPI_EndpointReference.pdf and didn't find the endpoint.

    Does field: OEORDD.UNITPRICE hold a pre-tax value? If not, is there a field that does?
  • Missing Orders in Quantity on S/O drill down in Location Details

    Hi, We are experiencing an odd situation. When in location details and drilling down on the quantity on S/O we are missing orders. It shows the correct quantity but you are unable to see the list of orders. -Customers allow backorders, are not on…
  • PJC Change Orders

    Hi. We are trying to get posted change orders to be reflected in PJC. Any suggestions? Thanks.