Day end processing error while posting PO Receipt



I am getting this error messages when running Day-End Processing:

1.) ERROR: Generic Line Data. Attempt to modify a different record that was retrieved.

2.) ERROR: Day End Processing could not process all transactions.

Because of the error, Receipt posting is pending. And nothing else wants to post.

How can these be resolve?

I did some when removing some of the stuck receipts from Tables: PORCPI and PORCPM - But there is so many Receipts with the client. It would be impossible to do this process.


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    Hello Pieter, 
    Thank you for attaching the correct file. I see that you have already been referred to the Gurus of data repairs. But FWIW, I came across three or four occurrence of the word "ERROR" in the RVSPY logfile. The first one points to a GL BATCHID    = "011855" which is possibly an empty and open batch (you will have to check it out). This always has to be deleted (The System always deletes some batches but could have failed deletion due to some technicality) in order for Day End to run to completion. 

    The other error message points to some Purchase order, possibly PO0520 & PO0335(You will also have to check some lines in this PO). 

    But again I could be fishing around and Musick are the right people that will fix you pretty good.

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