• Need a crystal report expert to design new customer report in Sage 300 ERP

    Need a crystal report expert to design new customer report in Sage 300 ERP
  • Sage Intelligence - Server execution failed error (2024 PU1)

    Hi Team I have installed Sage Intelligence for Sage300 Cloud 2024 PU1 when i run the program it comes back with and error Server execution failed. please assist if anyone has come across this
  • Sage 300 2023 and Custom Crystal Report

    Failed to retrieve data from the database error is received from Sage user interface when running a custom report created when client bought sage. Report works on sage 2014, 2019, 2020 and 2022 environments but doesnt on 2023 version. At crystal level…
  • Excel BI

    I am getting an error trying to publish my Sage Intelligence report to BI in Excel The error I am getting is: Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream. Can anyone help with this?
  • Intelligence Reporting Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'sa'.

    V2024 logged Sage 300 as Administrator, when run any reports, we get above error, even when firewall is off. Everything else in Sage in fine. Please help.
  • FR - Print Financial Statements - Run-time error '0' when trying to print to file

    Our client has the issue when trying to print their financial statements to file using the Print Financial Statements Icon (Sage 300 2023.4) The report generates no problem to Preview. We have Checked there are no other excel add-ins ticked…
  • Intelligence reporting module

    While working on the Bank reconciliation of previously January 2024 and lately February 2024, I am facing issues in the Sage Intelligence Reporting module. The bank statement figures do not match at all with the A/R and A/P entries. The Income statement…
  • How to change Auto Connect Server in Business Intelligence Report Manager?

    Hi guys, This is all greyed out, how to make changes? Thanks,
  • intelligence reporting

    hi - which report is linked to my data for the income statement and the balance sheet?
  • reports

    hi - I have used QB in the past. You can pull out reports that details each line of an invoice. Does Sage have such a report ?
  • valuation report

    hi when running a item valuation report i get a column that has actual cost / most recent cost and last cost. Which column represents my total value of inventory? Other question is can i pull out a value of inventory from a prior date? If so how would…
  • How to use sage intelligence reporting with optional fields?

    I want to spool sage intelligence report using optional fields that I created on General ledger instead of using General ledger account or General ledger account segments on sage 300. /resized-image/__size/640x480/__key/communityserver-discussions-components…
  • Wanted, Crystal Report Designer - Sage 300 ERP 2023 web Uis

    Hello everyone, I need a crystal report programmer to assist with designing a AR customer statement with following output: 1. Opening balance on account at every point in time the report is printed ie yearly or monthly, 2. outstanding invoices unpaid…
  • SAGE 300 2023 unable to print

    When I try printing I get this error. Error Code: -2147467259 Method '~' of object '~' failed
  • Sage 300 2024 Encountered Error Code: 5 during FR Financial Statements Printing

    Hi, Did anyone encountered the same error code when print Financial Statements in Sage 300 2024? After clicked OK button, the report still works fine. Why is there an error code shown after click Preview button? Client is using Microsoft Excel…
  • Report Execution Error when trying to run reports downloaded from Sage Intelligence Reporting

    I downloaded the Sage Intelligence Report Utility and installed the PJC reports for Sage 300. When I try to run the reports on a database, I get the following Execution Error Description : It was not possible to connect to the database. The error returned…
  • Sage 300 2024 - FR Web Screens

    Hi, I have just set the Sage 300 2024 up and using SAMINC we are testing new features for suitability for a client upgrade. When testing I am getting errors when running via the FR Web, the FR on the desktop however is working fine. Sage 300 2024…
  • AP vendor transaction report preview

    How can I filter AP vendor transaction report to get actual result with GL transaction report.
  • How can I configure/place custom reports for web screen?

    I have several custom reports (crystal reports). Now I want these reports to be also accessible via web screen. Which directory should I put my reports?
  • More u2lcapw.dll fun

    Recently upgraded my standalone workstation version of Crystal Reports to the 64 bit variety. Now I get the "u2lcapw.dll" error on all Sage 300 Crystal reports (2023 PU1). I've done all the usual copying of the u2* files from both c:\windows\crystal and…
  • SQL Login failed error in Crystal Reports

    We just upgraded a client to Sage 300 2023 on their existing server. After the upgrade, printing their customized PO form prompts to enter SQL name and password. Even when I enter the correct credentials, it fails with "login failed" message. I thought…
  • Sage 300 business intelligence reporting trees

    We have created a report using the trees - which works Now we have another scenaria with organic and non organic stores - the problem here is organic can consist of dept 11, 22,23,30 etc Non organic 12,18,32,etc How can I drag all the trees into…
  • Intelligence Consilidated fiscal year parameter options missing a year

    For consolidated financials, how does the pop up box to choose the year determine which years to pull? We have a consolidated report that runs about 10 companies. One of those companies is currently in fiscal year 2024, where as the rest are calendar…
  • Crystal Reports - using the Mid function

    This formula is checking ok but I am not getting the results if the mid function has several variables ie CL, DU etc but the GE and AF seem to work ok. . I have tried a bunch of formatting but still no working. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…
  • Union report using multiple consolidated reports with different companies lists

    My client has 3 standard consolidation reports connected to 3 different containers which they want to put together in a union report. The reason there are 3 different containers and associated reports is because there are different modules activated…