Using Crystal Reports to customize Ardinvo, how do I add database tables and fields from those tables?


I'm customizing the Ardinvo report in crystal reports. I took a copy of the report, saved it as a different file name.

Now I want to add some fields to it that are not in the set of data tables already in the report. 

In the "Field Explorer" I right click on database fields and go to "Database Expert" and this dialog opens up.

What I have tried is to click the + beside "BCR516878" on the left because that name matches the right side.

Then under "data source selection" I choose "SAMINC" because that is the name of the database I'm using. After entering the connection info I get this, and I'm able to select and add the tables that I want to add

When I add the tables the heading on the right side changes from "BCR516878" to "SAMINC." Before I add any new fields to my report, when I attempt to use the updated report I get this error: 

Unexpected Error:

A problem occurred while generating the report. Please try again.


1. What is BCR516878? I can see it's a data source, but I don't know where that name came from

2. Why, after multiple attempts do I have BCR516878_1, BCR516878_2, BCR516878_3?

Finally and most importantly:

3. What is the correct way to add tables to this report? 

Thank you in advance.