Macro design issue not working with IC Item Description


I've been working with a macro I designed that is searching and removing items from IC.

It has been working well for all the items except the ones with the description of "DISC".

When the browse line below executes it doesn't find any matches.  There is actually 100's of items with that exact description.

Is there something unique about the DESC field?  What am I missing?

Any help greatly appreciated.


ICItemHead.Order = 4
ICItemHead.Browse "ITEMNO >= " & mICItemFrom  & " AND ITEMNO <= " &  mICItemTo & " AND DATELASTMN <= " & mLastDateFmt & " AND DESC = DISC", True

Do While ICItemHead.Fetch = True

mItemNo = ICItemHeadFields("ITEMNO").Value 'Select Item
mItemDesc = ICItemHeadFields("DESC").Value
mCategory = ICItemHeadFields("CATEGORY").Value
mItemDate = ICItemHeadFields("DATELASTMN").Value

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