How to move Sage 300 user's desktop icons (custom crystal reports) to a New Server (new Sage 300 version)

Hi everyone,

I dont remember exactly but Im sure we could copy some folders/files (\USER I think so) of Sage actual installation at server (they have Sage 300 ERP 2012) to new server installation (Sage 300 2022) so we can recreate icons users run - basically crystal reports.

Anyone could clarify what folders/file copy to new server please?

And if is there a workaround or someway modify path for those icons? We can do it manually through its Properties....but as a few users and a lot of those custom crystal no other way? We have to install in a new path those reports so if we can update that for all of them, through a file or something (third party application) will be great!!!

Thank you very much

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