object reference not set to instance of an object - BI Add in

on a system that had been successfully funning BI for months i am suddenly recieving the error object reference not set to instance of an object when trying to run a BI report.  It doesn't matter what report I run even a sample report.  In fact if I just open excel on it's own i get the error.  if i load excel and go into options,  i click off BI generator and  all bi related add-ins both com and excel for BI and report designer I still get the error running excel - not even running a BI report.  If make BI generator and report designer ad-in 1.2.0 and report designer Add-in-1.2.0 Custom task pane helper inactive and then load excel again - I still have the error.   If i uninstall BI the error goes away.  When I install BI again the error comes back.   So i have isolated the issue to be the BI add-ins.  Has any faced this and found a resolution.  

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