unable to install custom module on older version

Hi all,

I have a custom module ID that I have create, build, and copied to sage300 installation folder. The module ID only consist of dll to create flat view. I am able to activate it on Sage 300 v70a. then I want to install it on test server with v69a, however I get these error: Internal error at 2542 in asactmul1.C. Problem loading 'C:\Sage300\JD69A\JDINIT.DLL'

I have tried the solution here >>> https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sageaccpacerp/2021/05/31/possible-cause-of-custom-module-activation-error-and-its-resolution/

However not able to solve it. Also notice the error line is different, so I might have a different problem.

Anyone know how to solve this? Thank you.