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1099 TY 2023 Updates

We do not anticipate that 1099 changes for TY 2023 will be necessary for Sage 500 ERP . So if your system is at the TY 2022 level, you should be ready to go for TY 2023. 

While Sage 500 ERP should not need any updates for 1099s in TY 2023, the external system utilized by Sage 500 ERP produced by Aatrix Software is currently in a testing mode until mid December.  You should not submit 1099s until it is announced that Aatrix Software 1099 processing for TY 2023 is out of testing and ready to accept official TY 2023 1099s.  Between now and mid December, Sage 500 ERP will be using their testing mode to help identify any unexpected issues prior to the live Aatrix Software date.

We will announce this later this month when Aatrix lets us know.