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I just downloaded the 1099 standalone updates for v2018 and 2021 for my clients.  

Two questions so far -

1. There is no release note for v2021 version.   Should there be one?  If not, are we supposed to follow the release notes for other versions, such as v2018?

2. The Sage500ERP1099FormsServiceGuide.pdf doc for v2021 seems to be outdated or not completely updated.   It says "As of December 2021" on the cover page and on page 3, it says last changed in 12/2021.  So what's going on?

I'd appreciate some clarification from Sage team if possible.   Last year's updates needed to be fixed a few times.  I would hate to have to go thru that again.


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    I just looked at the customer portal site.  The release notes do exist, however they are not referenced on the v2021 portal page with the other downloads.  I will check to see if we can include a link there for the release notes. 

    The link you want for the release notes should appear on a page something like:

    Other versions should have a similar document with the 2021 replaced with the corresponding version.  

    As far as Sage500ERP1099FormsServiceGuid.pdf, what you see is correct.  That document highlights the changes to the UI that a user sees, and does not change every year as it is the Sage 500 ERP UI side of things.  There were no material changes to the document this tax year other than a copyright date.    For the most part, this document is not Sage 500 ERP version specific.  In the end TY 2021 and TY 2022 versions of the Sage500ERP1099FormsServiceGuide.pdf document are effectively the same.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply, Ramon.  That helps a lot!

    Some of our clients have source code customizations on the ap1099FormsSvc screen.   To help me zero in on the update that we need to re-apply, could you please tell me the changes made to that screen, since last year?  In other words, if they already had last year's update, what do we need to do this year to get it to work for 2022?

    The same question applies to the backend SQL code.   Is it easy for you to tell me the changes?  If not, I can analyze myself.   Just hoping to streamline that process a bit.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    BTW, there is still only one version of the Install_Sage500_Tax_Forms_Service.exe for v2018-2023, right?  It's version 1.0, dated 1/11/2018?

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    ap1099FormsSvc.exe did not change for TY 2022. This is the application that the user sees and the most current version looks like 

    Changes to this application are only likely to occur if the IRS makes a major change to forms or if better labeling ("For Calendar Year" to "For Tax Year") or an enhancement was added such as the "Remove Previous Error Submission" button".  So last years version should work just fine.  I believe the install will NOT update this file for TY 2022.

    A change was made to ap1099FormsSvcLnch.dll for TY2022, but that code is not available in the SDK and is where form/box mapping happens and does not have real any user interaction other than a user status screen while Aatrix is running.

    As for the backend changes, two stored procedures changed:


    All stored procedure changes are the same across all versions (2018-2023).  You can use the Sage 500 ERP 2023 version for the Sage 500 ERP 2018 version.

    In addition, there is a script named ap1099Update2022.sql that is run.  This script is what does the majority of the work for a given tax year.  This script changes when the IRS changes things up, but the script itself is the same across all Sage 500 ERP versions for a given tax year update.  As with the stored procedures, the script for TY 2022 for Sage 500 ERP version 2023 is the same as the TY 2022 for Sage 500 ERP version 2018.

    You are correct in that there is only one version of the Tax Forms Service install.  That is likely to remain constant unless Aatrix needs to update it.  The only disadvantage of not updating it is that when first installed, it will take a smidge longer every year as the Aatrix auto-update will have to do a little more work.  This one-time hit is minimized in that this application should generally only be installed on a single Sage 500 ERP client machine.

    If you have any more questions, just let us know,


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    Thanks again for the fast and detailed reply, Ramon.  I appreciate it as that should save me quite a bit of effort.

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