• SED/Paya integration seems to have failed

    All of the sudden, SED/Paya will no longer launch and we don't have access to the Vault or CC Payment processing. Even Maintain Credit Card Processor Accounts -> Test Account fails. Has anybody seen anything like this before? I'd guess that the integration…
  • Creating a debit memo in Purchase Order module for returned items on PO

    We had an employee try something new, and entered a bunch of returns using the PO module. These are outstanding in Purchasing Clearing. The credits from the vendor were processed via A/P directly to COGS. I'd like to invoice these returns, and get them…
  • Price Sheets / Contract Pricing

    I have a situation where I am having trouble finding a solution. Please, see below: I have one salesperson that I want to give promotional pricing to, but not other salespeople who pull out of the same warehouse Is there any way that I can possibly…
  • SO to PO

    HI, I have a HOW TO question. Is there any way to automatically create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order when certain items or drop ship items are on the Sales Order? Has anyone done this or is this core functionality? Thank you. -Robyn
  • New company setup

    We currently use Sage Mas500 for three companies. We would like to create a new company and use one of the existing entities as a template so as to avoid manually configuring the various modules. I've read that this may be possible in other versions of…
  • New company setup

    Can someone point me in the direction to set up another company within Sage 500? We will be adding another company on and I want to keep them completely separate from one another. Therefore I will need to setup a whole new company / entity for AP, AR…
  • accounts payable tables

    Hi everyone, Can someone provide a list of accounts payable tables to show AP invoice payment history? Also, I am looking for vendor master tables. thank you
  • Reverse a Bank Account Reconciliation

    is there a way to reverse a posted bank reconciliation? I am new to Sage 500 and have made an error that covers 2 months of bank reconciliations. I failed to key in the Bank Ending Balance for these 2 months and have just caught the error.
  • How to pass company ID value while running a Data Import Manager job through a SQL scheduled job?

    Hi, I have built a DIM job for AP Vouchers on Sage 500 v7.90 and have it working properly but now I need to set it up to run every night unattended. How do I tell SQL or SSIS which company code to import the data into? My current Sage 500 database…
  • Error posting Receipt of Goods batch

    Hello! We are trying to post a batch of Receipt of Goods and keep receiving the following error: Can anyone offer advice/suggestions/a solution?? Thank you!
  • Sage 500 & 3GTMS - Integration

    Has anyone ever worked with Sage 500 and a logistics software company called 3GTMS to setup an integration? If so I would like to contact you to ask some questions. Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].
  • Changes to 'Print Edit List' report

    We recently upgraded from SAGE ERP 500 v7.4 to SAGE ERP 500 v7.7 (2016) and have noticed a change to the 'Print Edit List' report in AP. The Crystal Report file name is APZRY001.rpt. In v7.4 this report included the Vendor ID and Vendor Name for each…
  • Batches stuck as "in use"

    We have run into an issue a few times with both AP and GL batches. The status changes and is stuck on "in use". We check that there are no users in the batch, but the status gets stuck, we can't delete it or post it. The only resolution we are able to…
  • Posting AP Check to Previously Closed Period - SAGE 500

    Hello - I was asked by an auditor if my team can post an AP invoice to a previously closed period. in Sage 500. Always assumed 'no', but an AP staff member was able to post to a prior period once they 'accepted' the 'posting to a prior period' warning…
  • FINRA Requirements

    FINRA Requirements for financial institutions are very vague and subject to a lot of interpretation. How does your firm meet FINRA requirements? Are you storing all your SQL backup files on WORM storage? Other financial reports on WORM? How long?
  • Freight taxes

    Our company needs to start taxing certain customers and I'm very familiar with how to use Sales Tax for items. I remember also taxing freight - many years ago - but I cannot remember how to set it up to include freight as well. Can anyone remind me how…
  • Remote application

    We have users clicking on an icon that launches the Sage 500 apliation session remotely -- on a Windows server 2012 machine. Some users have complained that the application font is too small. I have modified the users' local display and I have modified…
  • Report/Log for Fiscal Calendar maintenance

    Is there a report or log that shows Fiscal Calendar changes? We are in period 10 of 12 for 2016, and somehow period 8 START date was inadvertently changed from 01/06/216 to 06/01/2016. The start date is not even an editable field. No other dates were…
  • Project Accounting in 500 ERP 2016

    Our company is in the manufacturing industry and we're currently using a heavily customized version of 7.3. We are looking to upgrade to 2016 and potentially re-implement the software altogether and strip away most of the customizations as they no longer…
  • ap trial balance query

    does anyone have a query that returns the value of the AP trial balance? We want to extend that functionality to show line dist level detail of vouchers
  • Change default PDF Attachment on Customer Statement

    Is there a way to change the default naming convention on the PDF attachments when performing document transmittals in the AR module? MAS500 by default uses the customer number. We would like to use the customer's name so that the email looks more business…
  • We have 2 old pick lists that are stuck. The pick numbers show up in Explore-Pick Lists (show as status = pending) but when I type the pick list numbers no records are found.

    We have 2 old pick lists that are stuck. The pick numbers show up in Explore-Pick Lists (ship status = pending and there is a shipment number) but when I type the pick list numbers to reprint pick list, cancel pick list or confirm picks the pick numbers…
  • We want your input!

    We are conducting a quick survey of Sage 500 ERP companies to determine the AR payment options you offer to your customers. If you would like to participate, click here to access the form. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  • Paying AP Invoices by Credit Cards

    Currently we enter AP Invoices under the company name then on the due date we pay by credit card and make a flip to remove from the vendors name into the appropriate Credit card AP account.. Is there an easier way to complete the flips without entering…
  • Electronic filing for 1099 from Sage 500, Does it work?

    I would like to electronically file my 1099 forms this year if possible. Does the process work in Sage 500?