API integration between website and Sage 500?


One of our clients uses Sage 500, and they're interested in integrating with their website. They'd like to send bids / quotes back and forth between their website and the ERP. I work for the company that runs the website, and we have a good API gateway; if there's an API, we can talk to it. But I'm not sure what Sage 500's capabilities are! Can anyone give me a super quick rundown?

- Is there an API?

- What kind of authentication does it use?

- Can I send quotes into it?

- Can I retrieve quotes from it?

- Can I send ecommerce orders in?

- How can I do a product lookup? Can I match by UPC, or by SKU? Or will we need to build a product map on our end so that we can look up products by Sage 500's internal ID?

I know there've been forum posts about this, but the last question I saw was a couple years ago - so I figured I should check again. Thank you very much for your time!

- Alex

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