• How do I change the default combo box drop-down to something else?

    We want to change the default check layout from Stub-Stub-Check to Stub-Check-Stub. How do I change this default? It is under AP-> Activites -> Process Invoices for Payment -> Print Checks.
  • Add Maintain Customers to Manage drop down on explorer view

    I'm trying to add Maintain Customers to the Manage drop down menu on a custom explorer view but it just won't save from the UI. We have plenty of other explorer views that do work. Does anyone know what SQL table this link is saved in?
  • Task Menu Create/Edit

    I have been trying to figure this out off and on for a couple days, but how do I create new tasks menus and/or edit the ones I have. You can see in the picture, it shows Task Menu view for Jose, which Jose isn't an employee anymore. I would like to just…
  • Sage 500 2023 SDK release date?

    Very excited to see that Sage 500 2023.0 is now released. We have several clients on v2018 that were waiting for it to upgrade. All of our clients have SDK customizations. When will the SDK for Sage 500 2023 be released? Do I need to contact someone…
  • Does anyone know if you can customize (rearrange columns) on the Create Pick List - Lines to Pick screen?

    Is it a view that sets these columns and their order?
  • Error 430 in clsInitialize - Class Does Not Support Automation

    Greetings, I have run into a strange issue I am hoping someone out there can assist with or might have some tips to further troubleshoot the issue. We have made customizations to various existing tasks and created new tasks for Sage 500 2017. The…
  • Adding new Document Type for Doc Transmittal

    Hello, Using customizer, we are able to add a new document type for document transmittal into the 'other contacts' window (from maintain customers). We have created a custom table to store the value and can join back to tcicontact through the cntctkey…
  • Disable or Hide Commit button on Customer Returns Screen for a Security Group

    Does anyone know the best approach to disable or hide the commit button on the Customer returns screen? Maybe using customizer but how would you do it?
  • Any tips on passing a value such as the Residential checkbox from a Ship To Customer address and display it in the Enter SO & Quotes screen?

    I am looking for tips on how to display the Residential checkbox from the Customer's Ship To Address to the Enter SO & Quotes screen as a Read-Only field. This would let the user know if the address is Residential or not without having to drill into the…
  • How to disable toolbar button and load another item on item maintenance form

    I have a customization project to create a customized item copy function on Inventory Item Maintenance form. A custom command button is added to the form. When user clicks the button, it fires stored procedure I created to copy the current item with a…
  • Is there a way to access the db connection(for temp tables) that Sage uses in vbscript?

    On the customization of the SO form, can we access the db connection that Sage is on for updating the temp tables, which otherwise are not accessible from another connection.
  • Looking for way to restrict labor progress entry to certain users.

    I'm looking for a method to restrict labor progress entries to certain users, user groups, ect... Possibly a vb script through customizer?
  • Enter Sales Orders and Quotes / Customizer

    Hello! A textbox has been added to Maintain Customer so that we can add custom notes. We would like to have these notes displayed in the Enter SO and QO task when the customer is selected. I added a textbox and did a databind on custkey between my…
  • what are Dashboards

    I would like to know what are Dashboards and how can I configure them?
  • How to implement Dashboards

    I'm new and would like to implement so i can learn, business insights dashboards. sage 500