Default ODBC Driver Incompatible with Server OS Version

We have a new Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019 for our Sage 500 upgrade to version 2021. 

We use Sage via RDP. The Client is not installed on user PCs. They RDP to the server which is configured to launch a Sage session for the user. 

Sage is working well with the new infrastructure, except for this one bug:
When a user RDPs into the server for the first time, their Windows profile is created on the server, and then Sage launches. The Sage app looks for a User ODBC DSN named mas500. Since this is a new user with a new profile, there is nothing in the ODBC User DSNs. So when Sage doesn't find the sage500 User DSN, it creates it and specifies that it use the "ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server". This is a very old driver version that will not work with Server 2019, so I can't install that driver. So Sage is trying to use a non-existent ODBC driver.

The user then gets a few cryptic error messages and the app does not work. If we then go into the ODBC data sources and delete that User DSN, Sage works just fine (probably because we have a mas500 System DSN on the server). 

So is there any way to get Sage to not put a reference to an old ODBC driver version that is not installed when a new user tries to use Sage? And/or skip the whole user DSN setup process? This is not something we can fix with a registry hack or anything like that. We have combed the config and ini files looking for something we can adjust, to no avail. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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