1099 ty 2023 forms service launcher run-time error '5'

I received this error after following procedures to update 1099 and received a successful update notification.  I have put in a case on the support portal yesterday and have not received a response yet.  Has anyone had this error?  If so what do you do to fix it?

Run-time error'5': invalid procudre call or argument.

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    This should dictate a new build of the 1099 update.

    Something to consider is that users shouldn't be forced to burn a support case and wait for resolution of a potentially critical problem. Many accounting departments don't even start compiling their 1099s until the last week of January and some have learned to test and run this on the weekend so they can restore a backup, if needed, and so that no operations are interrupted.

    The fix and any instructions could potentially be uploaded here, if the file(s) are not too large but not to have the ability to resolve this type of problem quickly whenever it is encountered is a disservice to the customer base.