EFT file location

Can the EFT file be saved to a network location? 


CITRIX, Sage 7.7

When the set file location button is clicked only the C:\ drive contents are displayed with no option to change to a network drive.

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    We've upgraded to SAGE 2021 and still need help.

    We run in a CITRIX environment and when we post and attempt to set the EFT/ACH file location it always starts at the root c:\ but we'd like to specify a network location.  We cannot do this, as the system does not allow it.

    Our preference would be to save the network location in the registry (like we did in Sage  7.7 using registry key HKCU\Software\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\ACH\DefaultSettings\Dir)

    However, in Sage 2021 we don't see that registry key.

    If we cannot set a default directory, is there a way to have the system allow us to choose a location using UNC?


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    Check out our blog that describes this and more about ACH/EFT for Sage 500 ERP.


    The area that you want to review is called CHANGING THE DEFAULT LOCATION OF THE ACH/EFT FILE EXTRACT.

    An excerpt from this that should help when trying to update the registry settings:

    I found my setting by searching for “VB and VBA Program Settings”.  From here, I navigated to the ACH\DefaultSettings.  I am not sure if the value “S-1-5-21-3349852038-3260575653-2442143973-5736” would be the same on every work station, so instead I located it as noted.  This approach got me where I needed to be in the registry to make the change.

    Russ Griffith

    RKL eSolutions, LLC